Monday, August 19, 2019

World War 1 Reenactment Show and Photoshoot - Midway Village Museum

Welcome back fabulous readers! Today’s blog post is about my adventure of attending the annual World War 1 reenactment show at Midway Village Museum in Rockford, Illinois. Midway Village Museum is an outdoor Victorian-era style village where you can walk about and visit many facilities designed with Victorian-era features and observe the traditional way of living during this time period. The battlefield is located outside the village section.

It was a day filled with action, networking, capturing beautiful photos and witnessing a part of true history. I brought my parents along in honor of my my grandfather (my mother’s father) serving WWI in France from 1916 until 1918. We asked plenty of questions about his service and found out interesting information such as he was assigned within the pioneer infantry department, in which many African-American soldiers were assigned this department. They worked on building bridges and trenches – which explains why she still has his original trench blanket from the war!

Throughout this blog you will find photos from an impromptu photo shoot I did during my adventure at the museum. Below is also a video I created of shots I captured during the WW1 reenactment. At first, I didn’t think about filming the reenactment, but then something inside told me I should. Although I wasn’t prepared and didn’t know what to expect next on the battlefield, I tried my best to capture as much action as I could!

Visiting historical museums – especially in this style – can be beneficial with living a vintage and traditional lifestyle. It helps create a better understanding of true history through reliving and witnessing actual historical moments, sites, facilities and information. It’s not only fun, but educational, to immerse yourself into history and observe how much life was so much more different from the overly-convenient, emotional and technology-driven society we live in currently. 


Something surprisingly happens while I was capturing the reenactment show. Watch now and find out what happens! Click the video below to begin watching.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Here's Why I Left the Pro Black, Conscious and Black Lives Matter Community (I Was a Social Justice Warrior!)

Welcome back to another fabulous blog post! This post will be nothing like the others! This post features a letter to the “Pro Black” “Conscious” and “Black Lives Matter” community of America. Yes, I was once a social justice warrior. What?! Crazy I know right! After I released my anger and shifted my life back to Christ, I became awakened and let go of my old modernized self.

Below is a letter which describes why I’ve separated from the Conscious Community. It was exciting and informative while it lasted, but like most movements in modern society, it ends up being a short-lived, temporary false feel of action and empowerment disguised as enlightment and a call for accomplishment for a supposed marginalized group of people. I was blindly indoctrinated to feel the need to jump into politics and social warriorship when I was involved in the modern world years ago. You will also find a video below of me explaining why I left the movement.

Read on folks. . .

Dear Conscious Community,

I’m discontinuing my dedication and servitude of this movement. I can no longer participate in a modern movement based on anger, victimhood and blaming. We have a plethora of issues at hand in the Black Community and working with keyboard activists and actionless activists is not going to help. A majority of the issues within the Black community stem from the current modern trends of today. 

Thank you in advance for reading this letter. Thank you for attempting to educate Black America (and White America) on the history, injustice, oppression and lack of economics in the Black community. I just want to thank you spreading knowledge from past race-hustlers Black leaders who have been trying to eradicate systemic White supremacy overtime and uplift Black people to recognize the oppression and mistreatment of Blacks by White people (not all, but some). 

I remember posting statuses, memes, videos and photos of emotional content representing the “consciousnesses” of Black history, our ancestors and racial injustice activities constantly on my social media pages. I remember volunteering for numerous events for movements such as Black Lives Matter and Black History Month. I began to base my whole life around Black consciousness. I started to believe this new lifestyle was my call of duty from the Universe. I sought out Pro Black groups, celebrated Black love and made new "conscious" friends. As I look around the current state of the Black community I see nothing. I still see heartache, depression, anger, rejection, lack of money and lack of resources in most Black communities. But yet, I continue to see lots of statuses, memes, YouTube videos, blogs and live videos about how Blacks are still being treated unfairly by a system that doesn’t really appear to exist in the way that we believe it exists. If the Universe is a Black woman, why did it want me to join a movement based on anger?

I just want to thank you on educating America on how slaves were treated and how the pyramids were built to align with galaxies and how our Black history is ignored in modern schools. I think we’ve heard enough on how Jesus ain't White; he’s Black and how the Christian Church spews European lies.

I think many people grow tired of hearing you guys scream “that’s racist!” when something trivial happens – such as bandages not having darker shades or beauty commercials featuring a light-skinned model. It’s kind of upsetting when other Pro Black folks delete you from social media when you post photos with non-Black people and suspect you may be dating a non-Black person. Anger. But from what?

Boyce Watkins and I at his documentary premiere of
"Black Wall Street: The Blueprint" Chicago 2016

It may be a shocker to say that perhaps “racism” doesn’t exist and that it’s only another –ism modern society manufactures to keep our feathers ruffled and our blood pressure on high. We cannot re-label history. The left want us to keep seeing those police brutality videos to keep us in an angry mood and then to vote for the leader that we think will fix our problems, but only takes our money and dignity instead.

If you look closely at the vintage times (1920’s – 1960’s) most Black folks were doing pretty well. They dressed nicely, married often, owned businesses and didn’t let the Jim Crow laws affect their life. We no longer have Jim Crow laws or slavery laws holding us back today – but yet we (not all of us) idolize fake rappers, hood culture and untraditional values. Most of our problems stem from within the home and upbringing, not by a system built by modern worldly views.

Let’s start preaching traditional values of responsibility, family, love, kindness, femininity and masculinity (and much more) rather than the gospel of what happened ages ago in slavery and ancient Africa and the Diaspora. We need to build order on strong family structure. We need to rebuild our communities with economics ranging from farming, agriculture, banking, schooling and churches. Let’s stop spending our money on Black Friday sales, Jordan’s, new rap albums, the movies and put our money to work in our own communities – like they did during the vintage times.

Don’t let the liberal education system fool you into becoming a social justice warrior in a movement based on anger towards another group of people based on history. We’re angry at a history that we’re taught in schools and Universities that didn’t involve us directly.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this keyboard activist group – I learned a lot but I think we ought to build more than to complain. If we keep complaining, we will keep being taken advantage of by so-called "Black leaders" who will keep taking our money and truth. 

There's only one divine truth.

I still have faith and hope for Black America. Best of luck, and best wishes!

- B-Anne

Watch the video below on more details on why I left the Black Consciousness Community. . .

Thursday, August 8, 2019

1940's Handmade Dark Blue Authentic Vintage Dress (So Classy!)

Hello fabulous readers! In this blog post I will be reviewing a beautiful 1940’s handmade dress I received from a local vintage vendor, Real Vintage Swag located in Volo, Illinois in my area. It was a thrill to find this authentic stunning dress and it was definitely worth the hunt. What’s so wonderful about this dress is that it’s authentically handmade as the stitching appears hand-stitched rather than manufactured by a corporate machine. Seeing original handmade stitching makes me feel better with buying an authentic vintage dress!

I believe this dress may have been made in the late 1940’s – possibly after World War II – due to its charming style that also resembles an early 1950’s style, in which the style may have carried over into the early 1950’s.

The dress appears and feels formal to an extent. It would be great to wear for an event such as a formal party, exquisite dinner, church or even a wedding. It’s definitely the “dress up” type of dress!

Like most authentic vintage dresses, this beauty fits closely to an extra small to size small. I’m size medium and I had to squeeze in it carefully to avoid tearing the seams! It does fit perfectly for my petite stature. This is one of the best reasons why I love authentic vintage dresses – they fit so perfectly for petite women!

I can’t quite tell what the fabric is made of, but it has a bit of a heavy feel to it, but I didn’t feel too hot wearing it during the summer. I love how it has faux rhinestone buttons placed gracefully between well-crafted pintucks in the bodice of the dress which adds lots of feminine charm. The dress features a flowy, full A-line skirt to top it off. I can tell this dress was designed with plentiful craftsmanship.

Overall, this 1940’s original dress is so charming, feminine, very well-crafted and fun to wear!

To view and purchase authentic vintage clothes, accessories and items visit Real Vintage Swag on EtsyInstagram and Facebook.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Truth about Waiting for True Love and Getting Married (Dating in Your 30’s and Over)

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! In this post I’m going to discuss the truth about “waiting” until you're older to find true love. As a single girl approaching age thirty soon, I’ve heard this overly-repetitive, weary advice so many times. Unfortunately, I did believe it somewhat when I was younger. Many women (and men) do not realize there’s a price to pay of waiting around for Mr. Right or Ms. Right in the long run. 

We all hear the old modern saying. We hear it after we state that we’re single and looking. The saying goes something like this: “what’s the rush…you have time”. This may be among the biggest lies in modern dating. Little do many people realize that this mentality about dating actually causes a delay in finding a good quality man or woman for a relationship. I like to say the best saying is “the early bird gets the worm!” It doesn’t mean you need to rush commitment, but instead don’t waste your precious time thinking love will be easier later in life.

As we grow older dating gets tougher and becomes more of a challenge. The dating pool shrinks down to players, casual daters, nit-pickers and newly divorced folks who have a little bitterness to them. Good quality people are hard to come by. You start to question your sanity. 

We spend our twenties having fun, building careers, finding the perfect job and traveling. Modern society does not encourage the traditional value of finding a life partner at an early age anymore. Liberal progressiveness encourages neglecting the creation of family for the pursuit of casual sex. We are taught that it’s okay to delay relationships until we’re much older and get shamed for wanting a relationship and marriage. It can be true that marriage lasts longer as we marry late in life due to maturity – however; it becomes a challenge finding the perfect life partner. Perfect? Forget about it!

Little do people realize that the longer we hold out, the more time is wasted on finding a quality person.  Below are a few truths about “waiting” for love and marriage later in life. As a woman, I can only give the perspective of a female in the dating world.

Truth #1: Ages 28 – 33 is an awkward stage of dating, especially for women. This is because we’re caught in between either dating an older guy or younger guy. Most women around this age are looking to settle down. Dating a younger guy may come with the challenge of not being ready to provide just yet or lack of maturity. An older man may want a younger girl or a woman around his age.

Truth #2: Beauty does fade. Luckily, I’m blessed with wonderful genes of looking youthful. Trust me, I used to hate it when I was younger but now I embrace it. A woman in her forties or fifties may not feel as attractive as a younger girl in her twenties and thirties. In reality, a majority of older men prefer a younger woman who has an attractive appeal and body. An older woman must keep up her looks and body in competition of younger women.

Truth #3: You will run into a lot of players and casual daters, especially in your thirties. Because a majority of people get married in their twenties, divorce and break ups happen in their thirties. Because a man feels he’s already had a long term relationship or marriage, he considers himself “free” again to play the field and feel single again without being attached to another relationship. Because of this, they feel they have time to play the field and delay commitment in order to enjoy their singlehood again. Here you are dating them, looking for commitment – but they only play you and waste your time. In actuality, they don’t have much time in the casual department. Casual dating is a huge time waster and is not encouraged in scripture.

Truth #4: You will deal with a lot of nit-pickers. Yes these guys will literally pick you out ‘til there’s nothing left. You now understand why they are single! It’s understandable at the same time because as we grow we absorb into our habits and ways of thinking and we wish to find someone who can complement ourselves. But you may literally come across someone who will reject you for not liking their favorite food. Be prepared. 

Truth #5: Prepare to become a stepmother or stepfather. As mentioned previously, many people divorce in their thirties. You will meet a lot of folks who are single parents. This is ultimately your choice to date someone who already has kids, but I'm writing this as a heads-up.

There are lots of other truths to be aware of in the older dating scene. It’s best to raise our daughters and encourage younger ladies to find commitment at an earlier age and to also learn the responsibilities and values of a relationship. 

That's all for this blog post. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow the blog for more. Until next time, bye!

Friday, July 26, 2019

How to Dress More Modestly & Feminine | Vintage Lifestyle

If one more person says to me “why are you so dressed up?” or “where are you going?” I’m going to throw a fit! Just explode! Living in this modern generation equates dressing “lazy” or “dressing down”. If anyone dares wears a simple sundress or wedges it’s believed they must be overdressed. This reminds me of a time a cashier asked me if I work in Hollywood – as she noticed I was wearing in a floral sundress with simple black flats. Speechless. 

We must face it. America has arrived at a time where looking your best is no longer valued. Going to work, running errands, shopping and visiting family and friends do not require putting in effort in appearance anymore. Rolling up in sweat pants, overused flip flops and a graphic T-shirt or hoody is now considered comfortable. Not for me.

We now live in a time where the mindset of “do what makes you happy” or “dress however you wanna dress” is prevalent; however, when a woman decides to dress modestly or more feminine, she’s seen as overly dressed or even oppressed. But I thought we can do or dress how we wanna dress? Since the women’s liberation movement became infested in society a few decades ago, wearing revealing and sexualized clothes is now a normality among women’s fashion. Modesty is seen as boring. Revealing is empowerment.

If a woman decides to wear a dress it’s believed the dress should have some revealing qualities to it. If the dress comes off as modest, it’s seen as boring, ugly or overly dressed. It’s so sad.

During the vintage times, it was a social value of dressing your best for all occasions. Not only because you never know who you’d run into or dressing up for church, but it demonstrates an appreciation of being a woman or man. Covering your body doesn’t mean you’re boring, it means you are not displaying a sexual advertisement for drawing male attention. (And yes I will dive deeper into women feeling oppressed for not wearing revealing clothes due to male attention in a future post). During the vintage times, women understood this notion. They understood a man will get to know you based on your character and personality, not what your body is displaying.

Dressing modestly and feminine is a significant virtue of maintaining a vintage lifestyle. It’s a way of telling modern society that we are preserving our innocence and not partake in an overly sexualized culture alike the modern times. It’s a virtue behaving like a lady and carrying ourselves with respect. There is some power in dressing modestly and feminine – besides making one stand out.

In the video below I discuss seven tips on how to dress more modestly and feminine during this day and age. Unfortunately, it’s a lost gem in the fashion world. I get excited seeing other women reject sexualized and lazy clothing. Attention should be drawn to your character, not body.

Of course, dressing modestly with feminine charm doesn’t have to be boring at all! There’s a plethora of styles, accessories and trendy clothing items to select that matches your personality. Dressing modestly is contingent on the overall location, setting and activity that you are engaging in.

In the next video below, I discuss how to dress modestly in the summertime. I often see comments on women stating it’s too darn hot to dress with layers. As I lived in very hot states, I still managed to dress modestly, as a majority of my wardrobe has modest and feminine styles.

Although I am showing skin with some outfits in the video – I figured a majority of women can acknowledge how skin can be shown but still in a feminine way.

I choose to dress modestly and feminine as a personal choice and as a Christian fundamental. I still dressed modestly even when I was out-of-touch with my faith a few years ago.

As we blossom into strong feminine women, our mindsets begin to change. I hope you’re able to discover your modest side during your feminine journey!

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How I Went from Being a Career-Driven Woman to an Aspiring Housewife!

When we ask little girls or teenage girls what they hope to become when they grow up, we usually hear responses such as “a lawyer!” “an astronaut!” “a teacher!” “a doctor!” or “a business woman!”. We never hear a young girl say I want to be “a mother!” or “a homemaker!” anymore.

Why is this?

With progressive liberalism occurring in the modern Western world, many young women, including myself, have been indoctrinated to take on masculine roles. Women are celebrated when they appear to be strong, independent, career-driven women. However, housewives and stay-at-home mothers are seen as weak, lack of ambition and a failure. Feminism is extremely embedded so deeply in society that we are conditioned to believe a woman must hold a high career path in order to be taken seriously.

I’ve been conditioned into this indoctrination. I was blind, but now I see. Here’s my personal story on how I attempted to be a high-ambitious career girl to an aspiring vintage housewife. I hope this story inspires you to really see beyond society’s strict standards of what a modern woman should be.

In the beginning, after high school, I desired earning a degree like every other modern person. I felt it was the right thing to do – like everyone else. I felt pressured that a degree is necessary in order to earn a top-notch paying job and to stand out against the crowd in the competitive workforce. I was conditioned to believe women ought to be financially independent – that is – have their own place, own car, own money in the bank account and can be able to afford their own traveling, shopping and expenses.

Little did I know myself as I walked off the stage with my new Bachelor’s degree in hand. I was conditioned to believe the lies of what modern society promotes for young women to believe.

Let’s go back a little further. I started working my first job at fourteen years old. It was an easy job for a teenager…it consisted of community service work around my town. That’s when I realized the workforce felt strange to me. Anxiety would rush in. I simply didn’t understand at that age what was going on. Since my early days of working I always felt out-of-place – as if I didn’t belong in the place I was working. I didn’t feel like workforce material. Unfortunately, while growing up I was only taught one choice of life which was to work and create an independent life for myself. As society also encouraged this, I did as told.

Over the years I worked many different jobs after graduating and worked on building a

career in show business. I even went the hardcore career-woman route and enrolled in graduate school and received my Master’s degree within three years. After receiving my graduate degree I felt I can finally enter the workforce and obtain the job I really wanted of teaching community college. I figured having this degree would definitely allow me to stand out against other candidates…yeah like thousands of other candidates. Ha!

I then moved to Los Angeles and worked in theatre for a few months. After leaving Los Angeles I did some deep soul searching and realized my God-given gift of domesticated skills. Living at home over the years helped contributed to this realization as well.

I finally realized my calling and my energy shifted. I conducted research on how the housewife is no longer desired or appreciated in modern times. It’s like I was born in the wrong time period where being a mother and helper to my husband is no longer accepted. 

If you feel this way, you are not alone. I believe women should continue having a choice of either being a career women or mothers. Feminism got it all wrong – every woman was not oppressed or trying to seek fulfillment by competing with men in the workplace. Women only wanted to be recognized, admired and given the same attention as their male counterparts while running a household. If you went down the same path of putting in effort to become an independent career woman, I feel for you. There’s still time and there’s still hope. Connect with me and I can help guide you back to God’s will.

It’s unfortunate to say that the modern American culture does give women a choice anymore. If you desire to be a mother or homemaker you are immediately the devil or weird. Feminism has led us to believe that serving our employer is freedom but serving our husband and children is slavery. Just nearly 50 years ago, women were expected to manage a household and children as a traditional value. Now today, women are expected to manage their career and give less attention to their household and children. What flipped the switch?!

Proverbs 14:1 couldn’t state it better: every a wise woman builds her home; a foolish woman plucketh it down with her hands. Plucketh means to tear down. 

I will have plenty more blog posts about homemaking tips and how to become traditional. Be sure to follow via Instagram for more vintage life.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Modernism Versus Traditionalism - The Obvious but Unnoticeable Difference

What is the difference between modernism and traditionalism? How does it correlate with being liberal and conservative? In this blog post I will explain the difference between the two. It’s important to understand the difference between modernism and traditionalism – or being liberal or conservative while maintaining a vintage lifestyle. With the rapid growth of progressiveness over the last decades, it is now apparently strong in the 21st century. Liberalism and modernism has been fully embedded into the fabric of society. We can see the backlash of modernism and liberalism in education, schools, science, dating, the media, fashion and many more institutions. 

The fundamental purpose of maintaining a vintage lifestyle is to not show off vintage fashion for likes on social media – but it’s to engage in a part of history where times were much simpler. It’s a lifestyle of having less technology, less pressure to conform to society’s standards of living and preserving traditional values among family, marriage, community and work.

Often when we meet other vintage enthusiasts they tend to have a desire for modernism and liberalism while maintaining a vintage appeal. This may be confusing to other authentic vintage lifestylists and other vintage enthusiasts as it defeats the purpose of rejecting modern times as an old soul. It shows how modern progressiveness controls our minds to become completely void of traditional life.

Let's quickly take a look at the key characteristics of modernism and traditionalism:


The idea of progressing mankind isn’t anything new. Mankind has always figured out new innovations in order to advance – the spear, the wheel, clothing, horse and carriage, trains, automobiles and the list goes on and on. The idea of modernism that we know of today was first conceptualized towards the end of the 20th century. The idea of rapidly producing to consume and pushing, new innovations, moving to the city, new fashion trends, social protesting caused society to progress towards liberalism – or freedom – of living with a disregard to traditional life. 

The key characteristics of modernism are:

-Rejection of religious and moral principles.
-Rejection of traditional systems including arts, science, education, philosophy, history, family, marriage, community and work
-Desire of freedom of expression, experimentation, exploring sexuality orientation, exploring gender identity and incest.
-Control of free speech and revising human nature
-Believes in social constructions and trends

Of course, not all modern or liberal individuals believe in the same concepts, but for the most part - the majority does. The crucial foundation of modernism is to “produce more to consume more” which I interpret not only as overindulgence on spending but a means to capitalize off of suffrage and victimhood. The word “liberal” became popular towards the 21st century. Liberalism is associated with modernism.


Being traditional is the original human way of living. Traditionalism teaches us to live with limits and be content. 

The key characteristics of traditionalism are:

-Traditional folks tend to maintain values presented by religion and the Bible
- Seeks the divine truth - whether than finding the truth through society
-Traditionalists like to keep the natural order of things and dislike the disruption of natural order
-Reluctant to new ideas, new innovations, technology, gadgets, science, societal change, social constructs and trends
- Doesn't get entirely involved in political affairs, societal movements, protests, etc. 
-The word “conservative” is associated with traditionalism. 

As humans we all desire happiness and fulfillment. Driven by greed and demon-like behavior, man became the enemy of man. Many people wonder how producing more to consume more lead to human development and happiness. People are consuming more than ever but are not happy from within. Is technology necessary for the growth of mankind? Does the push for science lead to the divine truth over nature?

As we may notice a majority of modern, liberal individuals tend to carry an angry, victimized demeanor meanwhile traditional individuals tend to be happier and carefree. Why is this? Well when you’re in tune with a simpler way of seeing life and humanity, disagreements and history doesn’t bother as much – and this is the foundation of traditionalism as well. Traditional values will always continue to ensure human emotions, happiness and the divine truth of human nature.

In the video below, I explain the difference between modernism and traditionalism (liberal versus conservative in the political sense). I was inspired to create this video and blog post due to an actual real conversation I had with someone, who disagreed with being traditional and conservative. Well, they got angry because I’m traditional and conservative. Why did they get angry?! With progressive modernism on the rise, I'm sure high blood-pressure is on the rise as well!

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Friday, July 12, 2019

My Authentic Vintage Glove Collection – Vintage Lifestyle

Gloves have always been a favorable accessory in women’s fashion for many decades. In today’s generation gloves are mainly used for warmth, gardening, medical or for dirty work. Back in the vintage days, gloves were an absolute fashion accessory and served as a purpose as well. There is a long purposeful history on women’s gloves during the vintage times that I’d like to dive more into in a future blog post.

In this new blog post, I’m going to show you my authentic vintage glove collection!

I usually purchase my vintage gloves at flea markets or antique stores. The reason being is to ensure that the gloves are authentically vintage. I often examine the stitching – which most likely means it was handmade. It’s even better if it has that antique smell!

In the video below I present all my gloves with more details. Thanks for watching!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

How to Use a Hot Comb - Technique Tutorial | Black Vintage Hairstyling

We all remember the hot combing days. We would sit in the kitchen listening to old school music as we watched our mothers or grandmothers heat up the stove to the highest temperature. You felt a sense of happiness that your hair is going to be done and will look pretty, but yet you cringed because of the thought of the hot comb touching your scalp or burning your ear. “Hold your ear” your grandma or mother would say. You did as told.

Learning the technique of the hot comb isn’t hard. In fact, it’s quite easy. It’s just the matter of how the hair feeds into the comb as it glides down at an angle.

In the video below, I provide a step-by-step 1940’s vintage inspired instructional tutorial on how to use the hot comb on natural Black hair. I also give a brief history on the hot comb – and where it originated from.

In my next blog post and YouTube video I will explaining the pros and cons on using a hot comb or straightener as a vintage lifestylist.

I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to Live a Fabulous Vintage Lifestyle

When many people compliment me on my vintage style and appearance, there tends to be small-talk activity on how I love to engage in the vintage lifestyle. They usually ask me “what does that mean?” Although I dread small talk, I simply reply back that I’m not too concerned with the latest gadgets and try to remain traditional as much as possible. Being a modern soul that they are they tend to convince me that modern times is better simply because of the convenience of technology and the freedoms we have today, unlike back then. I beg to differ.

Vintage lifestyle often gets misconstrued with fashion style and hairstyles in the current modern times. Many individuals enjoy replicating the fashion styles and beauty of the vintage times without quite being connected to history, values and lesser reliance on technology. The fundamental reason of engaging in vintage lifestyle is the relief of modern pressure, less technology and embracing traditions. Vintage fashion, accessories and hairstyles are only a reflection of the non-modern lifestyle.

Below are ten fabulous reasons to live a vintage lifestyle. In the video below I discuss the top four reasons which are also listed below. Thanks for watching!

1. Save money – Thrifting and hand-me-downs was a popular value during the vintage times, especially during the 1930’s depression. It was common to give a friend, relative or neighbor an item that was not wanted anymore. Housewives shopped at thrift stores to help save money on clothes and small appliances. Today, shopping at popular major stores is popular. Back then, it was almost a luxury to shop department stores. They were mostly marketed towards upper class citizens.

2. Older is simple – The older times required manual labor to get work done in everyday life such as laundry, cleaning, hairstyling, cooking and much more. Today with the help of technology work is done more quickly and conveniently. Although it is quite easier, we find that we don’t use as much hard work anymore and often technology fails on us. Isn’t it annoying when we make a mistake at the self-checkout counters in grocery stores?

3. Less obesity and overweight issues – Because of the heavy duty work that was required back then, physical labor was often needed. Today, we tend to sit more often and let technology do the work for us.

4. More resourceful – Today, if we need to learn or look up something we can quickly grab our smartphones and type a question into Google. Back then, a person needed resources to get something done. Heading to the library to grab a book about a topic required to take the train or bus. And that required learning about train schedules. Then that required learning how to call a local station to hear the train times over the phone (no Google remember?) And then that required using manners and courtesy while speaking to a customer service representative. Today, we leave out the important parts and rely on a machine to do the work for us.

5. Appreciation of homemakers and housewives – The stigma is today’s society is that a housewife, homemaker or stay-at-home mother is lazy and less ambitious. Women today are expected to work careers and are celebrated when work is done outside of the home. Back then women were expected to work within the home – just like today women are expected to have full fledge careers outside the home. Expectations of women have always been a controversial matter. But during the vintage times, the idea of homemaking and motherhood was appreciated and celebrated unlike today.

6. Less pressure of modern society – Today, we only have one choice or one way of doing something. We’re pressured to spend a lot of money on modern gadgets. The cost of living is higher than ever before. Being independent is the way to go. Back then, living with family and saving money was ideal (more info in the video below).

7. Understand history – As I grew more into living a vintage lifestyle the more connected to history I’ve become. I learn the ugly and the pretty sides of history. I have a sharp sense of using perspective while researching and studying history. Time traveling is also a feel-good sensation. Engaging in a vintage lifestyle connects you with being in tune with history, as of course vintage is history! (More info in the video below)

8. Embrace femininity and masculinity – In the modern times today, the appreciation of femininity and masculinity is diminished. Women are expected to engage in masculine energy to compete with men. A strong feminine woman is seen as weak, conceited and unintelligent. A masculine man is seen as toxic (more info in the video below).

9. Less technology – Let’s face it – technology is a strategic component for corporate monetary gain. Using less technology allows you to read more, engage in nature and be more resourceful. You can actually enjoy life (more info in the video below).

10. Vintage fashion & style – We all know vintage fashion was well crafted, durable, very charming, fashionable and beautiful. Clothes today are built more cheaply with less feminine and masculine charm. 

In the video below I discuss the essential four reasons on living a vintage lifestyle. Can you think any more? In what ways do you live a vintage lifestyle? Leave a comment via the YouTube video.

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