Monday, November 26, 2018

Top 5 Glamorous Reasons to Become a Pin Up Girl

Every pin up girl has a significant story on why she became a pin up model. Many girls will tell you it gives you a boost of confidence, a new group of supportive friends and plenty of time to dress up! You are surrounded by like-minded guys and gals who love and admire the vintage time period. Who doesn’t want to play dress up?!

Below are the five glamorous reasons to become a pin up model. . .

1. It will give you fresh air of confidence: When you dress up, you feel more alive, pleasant and overall lovely. It takes a load of confidence to dress up in a style from the 1940’s or even the 1980’s…people may stare or refer to you as “old fashioned” – but with a steam of confidence you will be seen as charming, although they may not understand your love for vintage.

2. You are embracing history: It’s more than just scrolling endlessly through vintage photos of beautiful actresses and pin up models from the 1940’s and 1950’s. You are learning about the history of a specific time period – from fashion, hairstyles, culture, cars and so much more. You can get insight on how the past impacts the present.

3. You will be a positive role model: There are plenty of activities to do as a pin up model in your community. You can help raise funds for charities or participate in pageants, competitions, movies and performances. You will also inspire other women around you.

4. There is no age limit: When we think of a pin up girl, we imagine a young girl in a sexy or innocent situation appearing youthful. However; pin up modeling as no age! Or no particular ethnicity! Unlike other modeling sectors, pin up modeling can be an activity for any age to get involved. It’s sometimes best to learn vintage tips from older pin up girls too!

5. You can develop new skills: It’s always important to learn and develop new skills throughout life. Becoming a pin up model with help you with learning and developing new skills – from learning proper poses, photography, editing, social media, fashion, hairstyling, communication and confidence.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

What is Pin Up Modeling? The History of the Subtle Tease

What is Pin Up Modeling?
The History of the Subtle Tease

You may have noticed a pin up model while flipping through vintage memes, calendars or magazine advertisements. You may heard of classic Hollywood stars who were acclaimed pin up models such as Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge and Betty Gable. A pin up model’s beauty, appeal and distinctive posing might have captivated you into a world of admiration.

A pin up model – or pin up girl – is a model whose appeal and attractiveness is seen within pop culture; especially within advertising, marketing and photography. Pin up photos would be cut out and used for informal display to be “pinned up” on walls from calendars, magazine ads, postcards to full length posters.

Pin up modeling originated from the very late 19th century and became widely popular during World War II and the 1950’s. Burlesque performers and actresses would use photographic images of themselves to promote their performances. It was assumed that the more “public” a woman would display herself, then the more her sexuality is available (1). With sexual fantasy in mind, many famous actresses of the early 20th century would be illustrated or photographed and sold for personal entertainment. The pin up girl gave an impression on how a woman should look and behave: very feminine, a damsel in distress, subtle sexuality, petite frame, long legs and highly attractive.  

During World War II, military branches used pin up modeling as propaganda to encourage young men to join service. The pin up style was often very subtle; featuring a young woman with sexual appeal and urgency.

Although Marilyn Monroe and Betty Gable are noted as the most famous in the pin up industry, there were many Black women that contributed the art form as well: Josephine Baker, Lottie Graves and Eartha Kitt.

In my personal experience with pin up modeling, I try to stick with the  advertising and product marketing aspect. 

(1) - Carole S. Vance, ed. "Seeking Ecstasy on the Battlefield: Danger and Pleasure in Nineteenth-Century Feminist Sexual Thought," in Pleasure and Danger: Exploring Female Sexuality (Boston: Routledge and K. Paul, 1984)

From Top to Bottom...
1. Betty Gable and her famous pin up pose
2. Marilyn Monroe "Los Angeles City Limit" pin up pose in her early years of pin up modeling
3. A World War II US Navy poster featuring a pin up girl
4. Josephine Baker with her famous banana skirt pin up impression

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Welcome to My Blog! So How Did I Become a Vintage Soul?

Hello! Thanks for Visiting My Blog! 

Growing up in an old-fashioned household gave me the greatest blessing and advantage than most - it gave me the opportunity of understanding and discovering the vintage times, particularly the 1950's. From hearing about stories of older family members, exploring vintage clothes, having vintage furniture, experimenting with vintage hair styling to understanding traditional values - there's so much information that becomes misinformed about embracing traditional life. When I stepped out of modern society - which means rejecting modern thinking - I rediscovered my femininity and gained a sense of simple living.

Here on this blog I will try my best to inspire and encourage embracing and adapting to an "older" way of living, that its; understanding traditional values, living life simply and embracing vintage lifestyle including homemaking, femininity, masculinity, gender roles, recipes, vintage hair styling, modesty and conservative commentary.

Living a vintage lifestyle is the closest an individual can get to living life simply and embracing traditional values as well. It's understandable we can get stuck within modernity due to its convenience of technology and getting things done, but rejecting modern ideology is the best route to go in order to live life through God's Will.

Disclaimer! It's best to have an idea about traditional life and vintage elements in order to fully understand this blog. Anyone is welcomed here, whether you are new at learning this way of life or experienced!

Feel free to leave a comment or message on your thoughts or ideas. Until next time, bye!