Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Welcome to My Blog! So How Did I Become a Vintage Soul?

Hello! Thanks for Visiting My Blog! 

Growing up in an old-fashioned household gave me the greatest blessing and advantage than most - it gave me the opportunity of understanding and discovering the vintage times, particularly the 1950's. From hearing about stories of older family members, exploring vintage clothes, having vintage furniture, experimenting with vintage hair styling to understanding traditional values - there's so much information that becomes misinformed about embracing traditional life. When I stepped out of modern society - which means rejecting modern thinking - I rediscovered my femininity and gained a sense of simple living.

Here on this blog I will try my best to inspire and encourage embracing and adapting to an "older" way of living, that its; understanding traditional values, living life simply and embracing vintage lifestyle including homemaking, femininity, masculinity, gender roles, recipes, vintage hair styling, modesty and conservative commentary.

Living a vintage lifestyle is the closest an individual can get to living life simply and embracing traditional values as well. It's understandable we can get stuck within modernity due to its convenience of technology and getting things done, but rejecting modern ideology is the best route to go in order to live life through God's Will.

Disclaimer! It's best to have an idea about traditional life and vintage elements in order to fully understand this blog. Anyone is welcomed here, whether you are new at learning this way of life or experienced!

Feel free to leave a comment or message on your thoughts or ideas. Until next time, bye!

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