Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Top 5 Best Authentic & Affordable Online Pin Up & Vintage Inspired Stores

Do you love to search endlessly online for wonderful deals on vintage, vintage inspired or pin up style clothes and accessories? Do you find it difficult to discover the perfect vintage inspired or pin up style store that has the perfect reproduction and the price to match?

Search no more! I’m here to help. Over the years I’ve been searching and purchasing from many vintage inspired online stores. My favorite go-to online store is eBay and then Amazon. I tend to find what I’m looking for on eBay with only a few searches with the perfect price. You can even search your favorite vintage inspired and pin up brands via eBay. Besides eBay, I compiled a list of popular and affordable vintage inspired and pin up style online stores to check out.

I will be posting reviews about outfits and accessories that I’ve purchased from some stores listed. Be sure to follow the blog to stay updated for when these reviews are posted.

Below are the Top 5 vintage inspired online stores that you may fall in love with. There’s no particular order - they're all great. Please leave a comment on your favorite store that you recognize!

Lindy Bop has the most closest authentic vintage reproduction clothes and accessories. I adore their patterned dresses. There is also a UK (England) version of the website. I love love love that they have sales often.

2. Heartbreaker Fashion (
Formerly known as “Heartbreaker Fashion” Heart of Haute sells classic, beautiful, authentic style vintage inspired fashion. Being true to the respected decade, you’re bound to find a dress, skirt or pair of shoes that fits what you’re looking for. I just love browsing through Heart of Haute. I can’t wait to showcase the items I have from the store. Also, each item is made with love in every stitch.

Modcloth appears to have a 1960’s theme – although they have lots of other styles from other decades. The vintage inspired apparel tends to have a more modern appearance to it, so it’s perfect for those who are hesitant to wear a full vintage reproduction style and don’t want to look “too vintage”. The prices are moderate – not too pricey on selected items.

4. Le Bomb Shop (
Le Bomb Shop is a personal favorite online store I like to visit when I wanting a pin up style dress. I first discovered the site through eBay. They offer cute, affordable pin up style fashion and accessories. And when I say affordable – I mean it! Most prices are in the $30 ranges, if not lower. Despite having inexpensive prices, the quality of the clothes are excellent and long lasting.

5. Unique Vintage (
I admit Unique Vintage is more on the pricier side, but it’s a good investment if you are a vintage blogger or model. The quality is durable. The style is very authentic and true to the decade. 

I will be posting the next Top 5 vintage inspired and pin up online clothing store in the future. Be sure to follow for more!

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