Sunday, January 20, 2019

1950's Inspired Makeup Tutorial Featuring Revlon Creme Shadow Palette

1950's Revlon ad in Vogue
Hello dear readers! In this blog post I will be discussing my latest vintage makeup tutorial. Makeup in the 1950's was all about subtle glamour, style, coordinating colors and feminine touch. Unlike the previous time period of the 1940's when it was all about minimum use of makeup, the 1950's woman used makeup to her full advantage that resembled full femininity and accentuated her natural beauty.

A 1950's woman's makeup would match her clothes, gloves, handbag, shoes and even appliances! It was all about class and coordination. Makeup wasn't only used to attract a husband, but it was also used to maintain her feminine looks after marriage as well. Who says makeup is for men anyway?!

Quick Breakdown of 1950's Makeup:

Red and pink were the essential colors of the 1950's. Maintaining femininity was important in daily life. As pictured above, the face can be contoured. I added foundation for a seamless look. Eyebrows were highly arched and darkened. Eyeshadow colors consisted of pinks, blues, purples, greens, browns and gold. Eyeliner is applied to the top lash line with a "tick" or "wing" at the end. Extra coats of mascara was used for extra glamour and lash extension. False lashes were used if needed. Facial powder is used to blend in the overall tone of the face. Loose facial powder helps settles in the foundation and blush. Blush wasn't used for a rosy, girly look but instead used to contour the cheeks. Blush can be added on with light-to-medium strokes. As pictured, I blended two blushes together for a light, natural look. Red or dark red lipstick ties the look together. Don't forget to do your nails with pink, red or dark red polish!

In the video below, I demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial with more details on how to create a 1950's inspired makeup look using the Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow palette. The shade I'm using is "Not Just Nudes".

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Palette - Not Just Nudes

I will be creating other vintage makeup tutorials including how to create the biggest makeup trend of the 1950's: the wing tip liner! Be sure to subscribe to stay informed. 

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