Sunday, January 20, 2019

How to Prepare for a Pin Up Photo Shoot or Vintage Style Photo Shoot

A photo shoot is like capturing your best moment. You want to stand out and capture your best side as much as possible! Having the correct props and items can help immensely. Over the years of doing photo shoots, I developed a personal system to help my shoots run more smoothly. I would always forget to bring something or would later regret not bringing something. It's a dreadful feeling! Preparation is key to making sure the day runs flawlessly. Click here to learn more about my "Polka Dot Parade" photo shoot (pictured). 

Below are a few tips on how to prepare for a pin up or vintage style photo shoot:

1. Envision the style that you are going for and conduct research on other photos to get an idea. Brainstorm and research the location. Don’t forget to save photos for reference. 

2. If you can, scout the location of the shoot. This means to either tour the studio or visit the actual location if it’s outdoors or at a building, home, office, etc. If you are unable to it’s okay. If it’s possible to obtain photos of the facility that would be better. This will help give you a mental visionAt this point, you also want to research outfits and purchase them if needed.

3. Secure and schedule the shoot date with your photographer. If you’re taking photos alone be sure to get all your gear together and make sure it’s in working condition. Be sure you have enough storage on your phone or camera for lots of photos and videos.

4. I usually lay out my outfits and prepare my accessories the night before so I don’t forget. Below I have a list of accessories and items you may find helpful to bring with you to a photo shoot.

5. I always bring lots of props, hair accessories, brushes, combs, sprays – just everything! You may run thru different ideas while shooting. Below I have a list of accessories and items you may find helpful to bring with you to a photo shoot.

6. It’s best to wake up earlier and get ready. Getting ready at your normal time may cause you to rush and forget items. Plus you need a good night’s sleep!

7. I like to practice poses either the night before or after I get ready the day of the shoot – that way the poses are fresh in my mind. 

8. Have fun! Be sure to capture as many photos as you can! 

Accessories & Items to Bring:

It’s always best to bring as much as you can. Even if you feel you may not need it – bring it! I always find myself regretting or forgetting to bring something. As cliché as it sounds – it’s better safe than sorry. Below is a list of items to bring...

1. Makeup:
Lipstick, concealer, lip gloss, false eyelashes and glue, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, eye shadow, blush, setting spray and eyebrow pencil.

2. Jewelry:
Earrings (and backs), bracelets, necklaces and rings.

3. Hair:
Curling iron, curl holding spray, brush, comb, bobby pins (of course!), gel or pomade. I bring a curling iron in place of sponge rollers in case a curl falls out.

4. Props & Personal Items:
I always be sure to bring extra personal items in regards to the weather. I pack props the night before. Jacket, umbrella, snacks, water, cell phone charger, extra storage chip / flash drive.

Good luck and have fun!

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