Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Seven (7) Tips on How to Prepare and Win a Pin Up Contest

Miss Lady Liberty Pin Up Contest - July 2018

Participating in a pin up contest can be an exciting, fabulous but yet nervous event! Over the years of working as a pin up model, I've competed in several pin up contests where I observed and learned tips on how to increase your chance of winning the title!

Miss Throwback Pin Up Contest - September 2018

I surprisingly made it to Top 5 for the 2018 Lady Liberty Pin Up Contest in Oak Creek, Wisconsin last summer. I was shocked when my contestant number was called! I'm pretty sure my talent portion helped my score. Yes - some contests have talent portions! Don't worry, I'll create a video on fun, creative talent ideas to do for a pin up contest.

In the video below I discuss seven wonderful tips on how to increase your chances to successfully win your next pin up contest. If this is your first pin up contest - this information is definitely crucial for understanding what judges look for. It takes a great deal to get up on stage, show your poses and talk about yourself. It feels intimidating at first but once you experience the process it feels better and you catch on. Another helpful hint is to do more than one contest to get familiar with the process.

Remember - the judges critique on mainly on stage presence, authenticity, showmanship and vintage style.

Thanks for watching! Good luck and have lots of fun!

You can view more pin up contest photos via my Instagram!

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