Thursday, May 16, 2019

HOW TO: 1950's Vintage Brush Out Demonstration on Natural Straightened Hair

In my latest vintage hair styling tutorial, I demonstrate how to a 1950's style brush out. You may hear the word "brush out" often in vintage hair styling which refers to brushing out the curls set by either sponge rollers or pin curls into a classic style. The most important component to a brush out is to set your sponge rollers or pin curls in a specific pattern that will help manipulate the shape and style of the brush out. In this tutorial, I'm using sponge rollers - of course - set in a standard rolling pattern. 

It can take practice getting the hang of doing a brush out and keeping the hair smooth and the curls
curly and not slip out. It's all about the "brush" - literally! I use the Miracle Brush by Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells. I find that using a boar brush on Afro-textured hair will fluff your curls which will give you more of a 1980's style. If you don't have a brush designed for brushing out curls, I recommend using a small tooth comb or spiral brush.

There are many brush outs to do and some are done before doing a specific hairstyle - such as the 1940's Pageboy style. My favorite go-to brush out is a classic 1950's style as the one I demonstrate in the video below. It's very simple to do and take less time to do for a vintage hairstyle.

Below is a step by step tutorial on how to a classic 1950's brush out style. The video below gives a visual demonstration on the style.

Items You Will Need:

  1. Sponge rollers or pins (for pin curls)
  2. Rat tail comb
  3. Curl brush. I'm using the Miracle Curl Brush by Vintage Hairstyling
  4. Bobby pins (small and large)
  5. Holding spray
  6. A moisturizer. I use Africa's Best, olive oil and Cantu Oil Sheen
  7. Pomade. I use DAX vegetable oil base pomade
  8. Duckbill clips

The Brush Out:

1. Start by taking down your rollers or pin curls. Do not brush or separate curls just yet! Keep your curls intact as much as possible.

2. At this point I use my oil and moisturizer and rub throughout my hair as I gently separate curls with my fingertips.

3. I create a deep part on side of my hair. Then I create a medium-sized section of hair in the front and roll it up for later use.

4. I then start brushing out the rest of my hair, shaping it and manipulating it into a 1950's vintage style. I keep the back part curly and the crown of my hair very smooth. I add bobby pins towards the bottom of my hair.

5. Take down the front section that was rolled up earlier and begin brushing that out as well. I brush this out so it remains smooth but curly to frame my face. (It's okay if it turns into a wave.) I shape it with a high arch in the front.

6. I use duckbill clips around the hair to help frame and shape it around. I leave the clips in for about 10-15 minutes and spritz my hair with holding spray.

7. After 10-15 minutes take down the duckbill clips. Began smoothing down fly-aways with the back of a comb. Pin down any loose curl. I then spritz my hair with Cantu oil sheen spray for extra shine.

8. After any last minute touches - you're all done!

Below is a video demonstration on how to do a simple brush out. Of course you can style it as you wish and use different products that works for you. Thanks for watching! I hope this helps!

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