Saturday, May 11, 2019

What's In My Bag: The Grayslake IL Vintage & Antique Marketplace Shopping Haul - Spring 2019

1940's Vintage Authentic Dress with Berylanne

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted. I apologize for the dead air! In this blog post I’ll be sharing the wonderful vintage items I purchased from a local flea marketplace event. The Grayslake Illinois Vintage & Antique Marketplace takes place once a month and features an entire warehouse of vintage vendors from clothes, appliances, machines, books, cards, signs and just everything vintage! I’ll share another shopping haul post and video when I attend again in the future. I'm so happy to share these items with you.

The first item I’d like to discuss is this beautiful 1920’s sterling silver handheld mirror. I went to the event with wanting a vintage vanity mirror in mind. After checking out other authentic vintage style mirrors – nothing was to my liking. I then saw a vendor selling lots of vintage mirrors next to a vendor section where I was trying on a few dresses. She had been in the vintage mirror business for quite a few years and was deciding to sell off her remaining vintage mirrors. I negotiated this one for only $20 dollars.

Despite a few scratches and signs of age, this vanity handheld mirror features a floral design that flows down to the handle. It is estimated to be from the 1920’s due to its beveled mirrored design in the front.

The next item I picked up was a vintage fragrance atomizer made in Austria. I’ve always been interested in these vintage style bottles and later learned it’s called an “atomizer”!

There are lots of other vintage treasures including a 1940’s vintage dress, a 1950's cocktail hat with rhinestones and brooch as well as a 1950’s lace petticoat. I will be doing a separate blog post with a review about the 1940’s vintage dress.

The video below features more vintage items I bought. I usually find the items I really want while thrifting, more than modern shopping. I can’t wait to attend another flea market event again!

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