Monday, June 17, 2019

1940's Inspired Blue & White Pin-Striped Dress | ELLE (Kohl's)

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! This post will be a review about a lovely 1940’s inspired dress by ELLE, a brand at Kohl’s department store. It’s not often that we come across dresses or other styles of clothes with a modest, conservative feel. This dress definitely has both! I’ve always wanted a pin-striped dress and this fits the vision I’ve had of a pin-striped dress perfectly. When I first laid eyes on this dress I immediately tried it on. The dress has the perfect shade of a medium blue – and since blue is one of my favorite colors, I loved it even more. Continue reading to learn more about this feminine, modest dress and how modest outfits can still be found.

This dress can pass for a 1940’s vintage inspired look due to its pin-stripe pattern and “shirt dress” construction. The dress features a built-in white slip underneath and standard size short sleeves. The dress falls right below my knee, giving it a modest feel and look. I like how the collar has an open V-neck style which allows for accessorizing with necklaces easy. The dress features standard functional buttons that gives it to the perfect T-shirt dress appearance. It also features a subtle pleated skirt. Too bad it doesn’t come with pockets!


The dress is 60% cotton and 40% rayon and has a strong durable texture. It has a bit of a “heavy” feel to it – unlike a typical average summer dress. Don’t let this fool you – it can still be “flowy” and blow in the wind like a typical summer dress. Living near Lake Michigan I had plenty of breeze flow thru the dress while doing the photo shoot! But I do like how this dress is built durably as it will last many years. It can definitely be worn in the spring, summer and early fall.

This dress can be styled 1940’s or even 1950’s. It can be matched with pretty yellow, white, red, pink or black heels or flats. You can evens switch out the tie-sash for a white, red or yellow belt.

Overall, this dress certainly has a modest, vintage inspired feel and appearance with feminine charm. It’s very comfortable and runs true to size. I’m wearing size medium and have just a little wiggle room to breathe. I remember having to drive nearly 40 minutes to another Kohl’s store in my area as they had one more size medium left. I was happy they were to keep it on hold for me at the customer service desk until I picked it up. After a few discounts, it’s worth the price!

I’m honestly surprised I found this beautiful dress at Kohl’s. I usually see modest-style clothes at a few department stores but they’re usually not to my satisfaction with style, patterns or availability in size. I’m surprised overall that some stores still sell simple, modest-like clothes. There is hope!

This dress can be found at Kohl’s store or Kohl’s online.

   Full Outfit Details

Dress: ELLE

Year: Modern (1940's Inspired)

Heels: Chase + Chloe

Handbag: Betsey Johnson

Location: Zion, Illinois

Photos by: Benjamin Scott

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