Friday, June 28, 2019

Top Ten (10) Reasons to Live a Fabulous Vintage Lifestyle

When many people compliment me on my vintage style and appearance, there tends to be small-talk activity on how I love to engage in the vintage lifestyle. They usually ask me “what does that mean?” Although I dread small talk, I simply reply back that I’m not too concerned with the latest gadgets and try to remain traditional as much as possible. Being a modern soul that they are they tend to convince me that modern times is better simply because of the convenience of technology and the freedoms we have today, unlike back then. I beg to differ.

Vintage lifestyle often gets misconstrued with fashion style and hairstyles in the current modern times. Many individuals enjoy replicating the fashion styles and beauty of the vintage times without quite being connected to history, values and lesser reliance on technology. The fundamental reason of engaging in vintage lifestyle is the relief of modern pressure, less technology and embracing traditions. Vintage fashion, accessories and hairstyles are only a reflection of the non-modern lifestyle.

Below are ten fabulous reasons to live a vintage lifestyle. In the video below I discuss the top four reasons which are also listed below. Thanks for watching!

1. Save money – Thrifting and hand-me-downs was a popular value during the vintage times, especially during the 1930’s depression. It was common to give a friend, relative or neighbor an item that was not wanted anymore. Housewives shopped at thrift stores to help save money on clothes and small appliances. Today, shopping at popular major stores is popular. Back then, it was almost a luxury to shop department stores. They were mostly marketed towards upper class citizens.

2. Older is simple – The older times required manual labor to get work done in everyday life such as laundry, cleaning, hairstyling, cooking and much more. Today with the help of technology work is done more quickly and conveniently. Although it is quite easier, we find that we don’t use as much hard work anymore and often technology fails on us. Isn’t it annoying when we make a mistake at the self-checkout counters in grocery stores?

3. Less obesity and overweight issues – Because of the heavy duty work that was required back then, physical labor was often needed. Today, we tend to sit more often and let technology do the work for us.

4. More resourceful – Today, if we need to learn or look up something we can quickly grab our smartphones and type a question into Google. Back then, a person needed resources to get something done. Heading to the library to grab a book about a topic required to take the train or bus. And that required learning about train schedules. Then that required learning how to call a local station to hear the train times over the phone (no Google remember?) And then that required using manners and courtesy while speaking to a customer service representative. Today, we leave out the important parts and rely on a machine to do the work for us.

5. Appreciation of homemakers and housewives – The stigma is today’s society is that a housewife, homemaker or stay-at-home mother is lazy and less ambitious. Women today are expected to work careers and are celebrated when work is done outside of the home. Back then women were expected to work within the home – just like today women are expected to have full fledge careers outside the home. Expectations of women have always been a controversial matter. But during the vintage times, the idea of homemaking and motherhood was appreciated and celebrated unlike today.

6. Less pressure of modern society – Today, we only have one choice or one way of doing something. We’re pressured to spend a lot of money on modern gadgets. The cost of living is higher than ever before. Being independent is the way to go. Back then, living with family and saving money was ideal (more info in the video below).

7. Understand history – As I grew more into living a vintage lifestyle the more connected to history I’ve become. I learn the ugly and the pretty sides of history. I have a sharp sense of using perspective while researching and studying history. Time traveling is also a feel-good sensation. Engaging in a vintage lifestyle connects you with being in tune with history, as of course vintage is history! (More info in the video below)

8. Embrace femininity and masculinity – In the modern times today, the appreciation of femininity and masculinity is diminished. Women are expected to engage in masculine energy to compete with men. A strong feminine woman is seen as weak, conceited and unintelligent. A masculine man is seen as toxic (more info in the video below).

9. Less technology – Let’s face it – technology is a strategic component for corporate monetary gain. Using less technology allows you to read more, engage in nature and be more resourceful. You can actually enjoy life (more info in the video below).

10. Vintage fashion & style – We all know vintage fashion was well crafted, durable, very charming, fashionable and beautiful. Clothes today are built more cheaply with less feminine and masculine charm. 

In the video below I discuss the essential four reasons on living a vintage lifestyle. Can you think any more? In what ways do you live a vintage lifestyle? Leave a comment via the YouTube video.

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