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How to Dress More Modestly and Feminine | Traditional Life

If one more person says to me “why are you so dressed up?” or “where are you going?” I’m going to throw a fit! Just explode! Living in this modern generation equates dressing “lazy” or “dressing down”. If anyone dares wears a simple sundress or wedges it’s believed they must be overdressed. This reminds me of a time a cashier asked me if I work in Hollywood – as she noticed I was wearing in a floral sundress with simple black flats. Speechless. 

We must face it. America has arrived at a time where looking your best is no longer valued. Going to work, running errands, shopping and visiting family and friends do not require putting in effort in appearance anymore. Rolling up in sweat pants, overused flip flops and a graphic T-shirt or hoody is now considered comfortable. Not for me.

We now live in a time where the mindset of “do what makes you happy” or “dress however you wanna dress” is prevalent; however, when a woman decides to dress modestly or more feminine, she’s seen as overly dressed or even oppressed. But I thought we can do or dress how we wanna dress? Since the women’s liberation movement became infested in society a few decades ago, wearing revealing and sexualized clothes is now a normality among women’s fashion. Modesty is seen as boring. Revealing is empowerment.

If a woman decides to wear a dress it’s believed the dress should have some revealing qualities to it. If the dress comes off as modest, it’s seen as boring, ugly or overly dressed. It’s so sad.

During the vintage times, it was a social value of dressing your best for all occasions. Not only because you never know who you’d run into or dressing up for church, but it demonstrates an appreciation of being a woman or man. Covering your body doesn’t mean you’re boring, it means you are not displaying a sexual advertisement for drawing male attention. (And yes I will dive deeper into women feeling oppressed for not wearing revealing clothes due to male attention in a future post). During the vintage times, women understood this notion. They understood a man will get to know you based on your character and personality, not what your body is displaying.

Dressing modestly and feminine is a significant virtue of maintaining a vintage lifestyle. It’s a way of telling modern society that we are preserving our innocence and not partake in an overly sexualized culture alike the modern times. It’s a virtue behaving like a lady and carrying ourselves with respect. There is some power in dressing modestly and feminine – besides making one stand out.

In the video below I discuss seven tips on how to dress more modestly and feminine during this day and age. Unfortunately, it’s a lost gem in the fashion world. I get excited seeing other women reject sexualized and lazy clothing. Attention should be drawn to your character, not body.

Of course, dressing modestly with feminine charm doesn’t have to be boring at all! There’s a plethora of styles, accessories and trendy clothing items to select that matches your personality. Dressing modestly is contingent on the overall location, setting and activity that you are engaging in.

In the next video below, I discuss how to dress modestly in the summertime. I often see comments on women stating it’s too darn hot to dress with layers. As I lived in very hot states, I still managed to dress modestly, as a majority of my wardrobe has modest and feminine styles.

Although I am showing skin with some outfits in the video – I figured a majority of women can acknowledge how skin can be shown but still in a feminine way.

I choose to dress modestly and feminine as a personal choice and as a Christian fundamental. I still dressed modestly even when I was out-of-touch with my faith a few years ago.

As we blossom into strong feminine women, our mindsets begin to change. I hope you’re able to discover your modest side during your feminine journey!

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