Thursday, August 08, 2019

1940's Handmade Dark Blue Authentic Vintage Dress (So Classy!)

Hello fabulous readers! In this blog post I will be reviewing a beautiful 1940’s handmade dress I received from a local vintage vendor, Real Vintage Swag located in Volo, Illinois in my area. It was a thrill to find this authentic stunning dress and it was definitely worth the hunt. What’s so wonderful about this dress is that it’s authentically handmade as the stitching appears hand-stitched rather than manufactured by a corporate machine. Seeing original handmade stitching makes me feel better with buying an authentic vintage dress!

I believe this dress may have been made in the late 1940’s – possibly after World War II – due to its charming style that also resembles an early 1950’s style, in which the style may have carried over into the early 1950’s.

The dress appears and feels formal to an extent. It would be great to wear for an event such as a formal party, exquisite dinner, church or even a wedding. It’s definitely the “dress up” type of dress!

Like most authentic vintage dresses, this beauty fits closely to an extra small to size small. I’m size medium and I had to squeeze in it carefully to avoid tearing the seams! It does fit perfectly for my petite stature. This is one of the best reasons why I love authentic vintage dresses – they fit so perfectly for petite women!

I can’t quite tell what the fabric is made of, but it has a bit of a heavy feel to it, but I didn’t feel too hot wearing it during the summer. I love how it has faux rhinestone buttons placed gracefully between well-crafted pintucks in the bodice of the dress which adds lots of feminine charm. The dress features a flowy, full A-line skirt to top it off. I can tell this dress was designed with plentiful craftsmanship.

Overall, this 1940’s original dress is so charming, feminine, very well-crafted and fun to wear!

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