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Here's Why I Left the Pro Black, Conscious and Black Lives Matter Community (I Used to be a Social Justice Warrior!)

Welcome back to another fabulous blog post! This post will be nothing like the others! This post features a letter to the “Pro Black” “Conscious” and “Black Lives Matter” community of America. Yes, I was once a social justice warrior. What?! Crazy I know right! After I released my anger and shifted my life back to Christ, I became awakened and let go of my old modernized self.

Below is a letter which describes why I’ve separated from the Conscious Community. It was exciting and informative while it lasted, but like most movements in modern society, it ends up being a short-lived, temporary false feel of action and empowerment disguised as enlightment and a call for accomplishment for a supposed marginalized group of people. I was blindly indoctrinated to feel the need to jump into politics and social warriorship when I was involved in the modern world years ago. You will also find a video below of me explaining why I left the movement.

Read on folks. . .

Dear Conscious Community,

I’m discontinuing my dedication and servitude of this movement. I can no longer participate in a modern movement based on anger, victimhood and blaming. We have a plethora of issues at hand in the Black Community and working with keyboard activists and actionless activists is not going to help. A majority of the issues within the Black community stem from the current modern trends of today. 

Thank you in advance for reading this letter. Thank you for attempting to educate Black America (and White America) on the history, injustice, oppression and lack of economics in the Black community. I just want to thank you spreading knowledge from past race-hustlers Black leaders who have been trying to eradicate systemic White supremacy overtime and uplift Black people to recognize the oppression and mistreatment of Blacks by White people (not all, but some). 

I remember posting statuses, memes, videos and photos of emotional content representing the “consciousnesses” of Black history, our ancestors and racial injustice activities constantly on my social media pages. I remember volunteering for numerous events for movements such as Black Lives Matter and Black History Month. I began to base my whole life around Black consciousness. I started to believe this new lifestyle was my call of duty from the Universe. I sought out Pro Black groups, celebrated Black love and made new "conscious" friends. As I look around the current state of the Black community I see nothing. I still see heartache, depression, anger, rejection, lack of money and lack of resources in most Black communities. But yet, I continue to see lots of statuses, memes, YouTube videos, blogs and live videos about how Blacks are still being treated unfairly by a system that doesn’t really appear to exist in the way that we believe it exists. If the Universe is a Black woman, why did it want me to join a movement based on anger?

I just want to thank you on educating America on how slaves were treated and how the pyramids were built to align with galaxies and how our Black history is ignored in modern schools. I think we’ve heard enough on how Jesus ain't White; he’s Black and how the Christian Church spews European lies.

I think many people grow tired of hearing you guys scream “that’s racist!” when something trivial happens – such as bandages not having darker shades or beauty commercials featuring a light-skinned model. It’s kind of upsetting when other Pro Black folks delete you from social media when you post photos with non-Black people and suspect you may be dating a non-Black person. Anger. But from what?

Boyce Watkins and I at his documentary premiere of
"Black Wall Street: The Blueprint" Chicago 2016

It may be a shocker to say that perhaps “racism” doesn’t exist and that it’s only another –ism modern society manufactures to keep our feathers ruffled and our blood pressure on high. We cannot re-label history. The left want us to keep seeing those police brutality videos to keep us in an angry mood and then to vote for the leader that we think will fix our problems, but only takes our money and dignity instead.

If you look closely at the vintage times (1920’s – 1960’s) most Black folks were doing pretty well. They dressed nicely, married often, owned businesses and didn’t let the Jim Crow laws affect their life. We no longer have Jim Crow laws or slavery laws holding us back today – but yet we (not all of us) idolize fake rappers, hood culture and untraditional values. Most of our problems stem from within the home and upbringing, not by a system built by modern worldly views.

Let’s start preaching traditional values of responsibility, family, love, kindness, femininity and masculinity (and much more) rather than the gospel of what happened ages ago in slavery and ancient Africa and the Diaspora. We need to build order on strong family structure. We need to rebuild our communities with economics ranging from farming, agriculture, banking, schooling and churches. Let’s stop spending our money on Black Friday sales, Jordan’s, new rap albums, the movies and put our money to work in our own communities – like they did during the vintage times.

Don’t let the liberal education system fool you into becoming a social justice warrior in a movement based on anger towards another group of people based on history. We’re angry at a history that we’re taught in schools and Universities that didn’t involve us directly.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this keyboard activist group – I learned a lot but I think we ought to build more than to complain. If we keep complaining, we will keep being taken advantage of by so-called "Black leaders" who will keep taking our money and truth. 

There's only one divine truth.

I still have faith and hope for Black America. Best of luck, and best wishes!

- B-Anne

Watch the video below on more details on why I left the Black Consciousness Community. . .

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  1. I am not even sure where to start. Pin Up is about traditional fashion not traditional values. Forcing gender stereotypes such as "masculine and feminine" is harmful to both genders. Are you saying little boys shouldn't cry or aspire to be nurses? That little girls cant do math and should aspire only to find a husband?
    My liberal education has been the platform to be able to not only be a keyboard warrior and SJW, but I work with students in our community every day to help remove barriers to success and run a nonprofit organization to help kids in the juvenile justice system. Just because your experience was only shouting from a keyboard, doesn't mean that that is the same for everyone.
    Are you seriously calling the prosecution and incarceration of POC at devastating rates, inability to get a home loan or go to a good school, and systemic discrimination based of off "black sounding names" as victimhood? That POC were just fine during Jim Crow? Sounds like you need a liberal education.


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