Monday, August 19, 2019

World War 1 Reenactment Show and Photoshoot - Midway Village Museum

Welcome back fabulous readers! Today’s blog post is about my adventure of attending the annual World War 1 reenactment show at Midway Village Museum in Rockford, Illinois. Midway Village Museum is an outdoor Victorian-era style village where you can walk about and visit many facilities designed with Victorian-era features and observe the traditional way of living during this time period. The battlefield is located outside the village section.

It was a day filled with action, networking, capturing beautiful photos and witnessing a part of true history. I brought my parents along in honor of my my grandfather (my mother’s father) serving WWI in France from 1916 until 1918. We asked plenty of questions about his service and found out interesting information such as he was assigned within the pioneer infantry department, in which many African-American soldiers were assigned this department. They worked on building bridges and trenches – which explains why she still has his original trench blanket from the war!

Throughout this blog you will find photos from an impromptu photo shoot I did during my adventure at the museum. Below is also a video I created of shots I captured during the WW1 reenactment. At first, I didn’t think about filming the reenactment, but then something inside told me I should. Although I wasn’t prepared and didn’t know what to expect next on the battlefield, I tried my best to capture as much action as I could!

Visiting historical museums – especially in this style – can be beneficial with living a vintage and traditional lifestyle. It helps create a better understanding of true history through reliving and witnessing actual historical moments, sites, facilities and information. It’s not only fun, but educational, to immerse yourself into history and observe how much life was so much more different from the overly-convenient, emotional and technology-driven society we live in currently. 


Something surprisingly happens while I was capturing the reenactment show. Watch now and find out what happens! Click the video below to begin watching.

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  1. Heyya! I'm super happy to find another Black woman who's into vintage. I just found you a few days ago, so hello :) Is there a certain era that you're most interested in? I'm wild over WW2, especially in the United Kingdom.

    1. Hello! Thank you! I love the 1940's, 1950's and Victorian 1910's time. The UK during WW2 sounds pretty interesting =)


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