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10 Valuable Tips for New and Aspiring Housewives | Traditional Living

Hello wonderful readers! Welcome back to another blog post. In this article I wish to give some helpful insight to new and aspiring homemakers on starting their new lives in the traditional sense of being a homemaker.

The key to preparing to become a homemaker and understand motherhood is by practicing. Yes practice! There are many ways to start practicing homemaking. You can definitely practice while being single. You can start by doing small chores in your apartment or house daily, babysitting or working at a daycare. If you live at home currently, you can help your parents or grandparents at home too.

I’ve been blessed to have experienced being somewhat of a “homemaker” in my younger years as well as over the years as I helped my parents and taking on homemaking jobs.. I've had lots of years of practice. I learned important tasks and ways of managing the home that I hope will help you in your own home. Some of us have never managed or have taken care of a home or family before...and it’s alright! There are lots of resources to help you get started.

The reason you are a homemaker is not only because of God’s Will for you, but because you also possess the skills and talent to create a clean, well-organized, happy sanctuary for your family and guests. Remember, a home is a place that is prepared and a house is just a structured building.

Before I begin, I’d like to also mention that as a new or aspiring homemaker it’s not about showing off our lifestyle or vintage-inspired living. It’s so easy to get caught up with snapping and posting photos of our lives and communicate with followers and friends throughout the day. Being a homemaker isn’t about just shopping, being bored and perfection like how modernity depicts it. In reality, a homemaker deals with order, home management, child care and combating clutter. Your days will never be “perfect” but should be well-managed and prepared. You will develop a sense of “order” of the home as time progresses. 

I hope these valuable tips help you dearly! Well – continue reading below for the 10 tips on how to "practice" and get ready for your new Godly calling. . .

1. Buy cookbooks and practice creating meals – Preparing meals is the most essential role of the homemaker. You want your food to be well prepared and to taste good of course! If you’ve been used to cooking for yourself, grab a couple of cookbooks and practice making healthy, delicious meals. It’s also a good idea to have someone “taste test” your food just to be sure it’s tastes good – or not too salty – or needs more seasoning! Have this person be a trusted friend or relative that can sincerely help.

2. Take a shower right before bed – This might sound generic, but most of us have been guilty of skipping a shower in our single lives. Now that we’re sharing our space with a new family, it’s a good idea to take a shower right before getting into the bed to help eliminate trapped odors from the bed in the morning.

3. Don’t make up your bed right away after getting up – This tip sort of correlates with the last tip. Opening the windows first thing in the morning before making up the bed helps with eliminating trapped odors from the bed and room from overnight. Allow lots of sunshine, natural light and fresh air to flow through. I usually make my bed up about an hour after opening up my windows. If you've been use to making up your bed right away after getting up, get into the habit of this chore.

4. Keep your drawers well organized – Organize clothes and items in dresser and chest drawers about once a week. Since drawers are used often clothes start to become disorganized overtime, especially clothes sitting at the bottom or in the back. You can do this daily as well.

 5. Consider wearing an apron – For the modern housewife, this may seem old-fashioned but to the vintage lifestyle housewife this may seem like a golden ticket. Well you both are considered “old-fashioned” either way in the modern world! Wearing an apron helps with cleaning off hands in between dirty jobs, as well as cleaning up spills or stains. Aprons were a significant treasure in the homemaker’s life during the old-fashioned days.

6. Wash the walls and baseboards – This is important step that may be overlooked by newbie homemakers. Cleaning the walls and baseboards are important to eliminate dust, dirt and stains overtime. Trust me; this is where dust collects and hides the most unknowingly.

7. Clean the fans – If you have a fan (standing, oscillating, table top or box fan) clean it regularly. Fans collect a ton of dust each day that blows back around the space which can cause allergies and more build-up of dust. Most fans are easy to take apart to clean. I recommend cleaning the fan outside if possible, so that way the dust falls outside.

8. Learn budgeting and finances – Budgeting will be an important component in your homemaking life. I suggest creating a simple filing system for budgeting and finances such as coupons, receipts, savings, cash envelopes, and expenditures. It will be imperative to understand how the finances are being handled to live a simple life. The last thing you’d want is stress due to overspending. It’ll also relieve your husband from less work to do. If you are currently single and have no clue about finances - it's best to pick up a book or reputable online resource to help you manage budgeting and spending.

9. Consider gardening or growing your own food – Growing your own food is such a wonderful blessing from the Lord and nature. You can be able to know what goes into your food practically and it can also boost healthier eating. You can create a small indoor or outdoor garden with your favorite veggies. Plus gardening is such a relaxing, nurturing process.

10. Create a schedule – Creating a schedule around cleaning, errands and shopping for supplies and groceries will help tremendously with organizing your day. You can create a schedule of different tasks for each day, or stick to the same tasks for each day – whichever you perceive needs the most attention in the household. Do what works best for you!

This list can go on and on and on…but I figured it’s the little things that matter as I created this list. I’d love to create more helpful tips in the future as well. The older women in our generation as well as vintage and historical women are the best resources to starting off as a wife and mother. Be sure to let not modern society discourage you in any shape or form in your new life! Always continue to learn and grow. Best wishes! xoxo

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