Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Ten Fascinating Characteristics of Modern Progressive Values

In the social, political sense the term “progressive” sounds very forward-thinking, positive and carries an illusion of change within society. Many progressive individuals fail to realize that the higher political powers use progressive ideology as a polished product for the average American voter. In other words, voting is a business that brings false “change” in order for the political leaders to make money and earn power. Electing progressive political leaders to maintain social justice and government sounds appealing to the majority of citizens, but in reality, in order for the “higher powers” to progress society, humans must first be removed from their natural state of being and view natural life as a "problem" to change. The higher powers must convince humans that “social rights” are equivalent to “human rights”. This can weaken a culture and make it become a matrix-filled world with a duty to create mindless humans that follow the commands of what the “world” offers, and not what God or nature commands. 

The new mindless humans living in society begin to worship what they perceive as power to create social “change” so that everyone from different backgrounds and groups are satisfied, happy, accepted and diverse. However, when we study modern progressive liberalism, we can examine how the higher powers have convinced and condition specific groups of people and individuals that they are the best candidate for America in order to progress towards freedom, independence, happiness, fulfillment and more money. Not really. Modern progression tends to lead to unhappiness, depression, dissatisfaction, regret and sometimes – being broke for many people.

So what are modern progressive values? Don’t worry! This article will explain ten subtle, interesting character traits of progressive values that have replaced traditional values. Progressive values are deeply embedded into the American culture nowadays as it has prevailed since the beginning of the 20th century. For liberal people it may be hard to recognize. For those on the outside looking in – traditional folks – we can see them clearly. It’s best to remember that modern progression began at the start of 20th century (1900’s). You can even observe how it was seamlessly experimented during the late 19th century (late 1800’s) with the industrial facilities and the first car paving its way as a social experiment. Modern progression tends to stir up groups of people in order for it to take full effect. 

Below are fascinating characteristics of modern progressive values. They tend to be the opposite of traditional values so that way they are more appealing and attractive than the “old ways of thinking”.

 There’s no particular order. Okay let’s begin. . . 

"Coming Home" -Edward Lamson Henry 1800's.
1. Heavy focus on art and becoming an artist: Art can be used to influence the masses. Celebrities are molded to help sell entertainment for influence. The difference between traditional, classical art is that it was used for purpose and depicted life. It was very unique. Modern art is mostly used for political propaganda of influence – and changing minds. Because there’s a heavy focus on art ranging from music, theatre, dance, filmmaking, writing and painting; it has caused individuals to be absorbed with wanting to be an artist. This was slowly increasing since the early 20th century as Hollywood was built during this time. It’s very noticeable that becoming an artist is overly popular today. Almost a majority of the American population believe they are a talented artist – like a rapper, singer, dancer, model or actor. It’s everyone’s dream. This is why colleges and universities offer performing and visual art programs at a high rate. It’s very common and not unique anymore. Not many people possess the ability to execute their talent. It’s only modern progression whispering in our ear that we are a strong, talented artist to execute more influence. It’s an ego boost almost.

2. Strong belief in worldly views: This may be an easy to recognize. Almost everyone has believed and tried to do a “worldview” at some point. I’m guilty too. A worldview or worldly view refers to what humans believe through personal experience and believe it to be realistic for others. There are thousands of worldly views surrounding us each day. Take a look at social media – memes are shared with worldly views all the time. They appear as mesmerizing quotes. World views are what society commands, rather than what God commands. There are worldviews – then there’s God’s Will. Worldviews do not work for everyone. Everyone’s background and life varies. Some worldly views include:

  • Nationalism
  • "Follow your dreams". "Never give up".
  • "Hustle." "Grind".
  • "Girl boss". "Slay girl slay".
  • "My body, my choice".
  • "If you get a degree, you will be successful".

3. Heavy promotion and strong belief of the American Dream: The American Dream is sooo definitely modern. The American Dream fluctuates across the vintage times in the 20th century until the current times. In the 1920’s it was aspiring to move to a city and embrace excitement away from small town living. By the 1950’s it was about entrepreneurial and business spirits. Today, it’s about improving life to have high-level success and materialistic things. Overall, the American Dream always promotes the idea of wanting materialistic things to be happy. The American Dream is really about opportunity. Traditional wisdom tells us that happiness is rooted in love, family and community. The American Dream is a falsified pursuit of happiness, only setting a majority of us up for failure and depression. Old time wisdom tells us to be happy within God’s Will!

4. Creation of social movements, social constructs, -isms and activism: I mean I’ve been out the Conscious activist community so I know firsthand how it’s like to work as an activist. Social movements were created in order to convince and persuade humans that they need to fight for change of their natural, God-given life. What they believe in isn’t good enough. Social movements and social causes make us believe there’s hope in change; a false change that’s never going to happen. Social justice warriors are the result of social movements basically. Social movements, “-isms”, and social causes have a foundation of anger and frustration. They want change – but can’t seem to really acquire it. Because it doesn’t exist naturally. We can see this with different groups of people such as women with their voting and equality rights, the Black Conscious community, gender, and body positivity and much more. 

5. Dehumanizing: This is definitely a blind progressive value. So many people are sensitive to the topic of dehumanizing, but easily support abortion and the like. Dehumanizing is the act of removing human life that’s in the way of success. We can see how dehumanizing failed as a social movement in the early 20th century with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany campaign. The Holocaust failed miserably right? Dehumanizing isn’t based on race, skin color, religion or age and all that. It’s based on removing what’s perceived as an inferior element that's blocking success, pursuit and progress to happen. Unborn babies are seen as “in the way”. Traditional wisdom tells us that having children brings happiness naturally, and that pursuing outside matters in disregard of an unborn baby is not in nature or God’s will. But modern progressive conditions us to believe that it’s a “choice” and “can be done easily” and uses assault cases in order to make it believable. SMH. 

6. The career woman:  Where do I begin? Little do young women understand that women have “worked” in ways of helping their husbands and families happily for many centuries. Women did some work outside the home as well, but always remained faithful to their family. Women were biologically designed to be helpers, supporters and nurturers to their husbands, children and family. Men pursued careers in order to support this natural cycle. Women pursued their femininity to be keepers of the home, as God commands. But here comes modern progression (disguised as Marxist feminism) to convince women that a breadwinning career will bring happiness, fulfillment and lots and lots of money. They convinced us we don’t need a man and we can become men too. In order to convince women to pursue empowerment and careers – modernism has to condition women to believe that women were always controlled by men without say for many generations, women were deeply oppressed in history and that women can do what men can do. So many young women today are scared of the word “homemaker”! Marriages and childbirth is declining in new-age America.

7. Attack on history: Well in order to keep progression and keep moving forward modernism has to dismantle history. It has to falsify, misconstrue and teach half-truths about history. History is the greatest teacher and now it’s seen as an enemy. The modern education system works with liberal ideology of viewing everything in history as hateful, oppressed, racist, sexist, white privilege, race relations, and imperialistic (and other constructed “-isms”). History teaches us about human interaction and human nature basically. Much of American history was led through Christian values. In order to break away from tradition, the truth must be covered up for progress to occur.

8. Attack on religion: If you announce you are Christian, you are perceived as “evil”, that you pray to an imaginary figure named Jesus and are brainwashed. Back in the day Christians were perceived as na├»ve…but hey that sounds a little nicer! Religion supports traditional values based on culture and nation. Religion isn’t about whose “god” is better or used as brainwashing tactics. Because Christianity (the primary religion of America) demonstrates traditional values, Christianity is completely banished from modern society. Progressive liberalism can’t operate on traditional values – remember?

9. Gender confusion:  ???

10. The deconstruction of family: Modern progression teaches us that in order to pursue a happy, fulfilled life – independence is best. Being single is cool. But it feels unnatural sometimes. Maybe it’s population control…but that’s what gender confusion is about. Liberalism teaches us that creating a family is outdated and isn’t a necessity to life. Happiness can be pursued as a single, independent pet-owner. Until we come home to leftovers in the kitchen.

There’s plenty more characteristics of modern progression like the dating culture, consumerism, crime rates, city living, aspiring moving, overvaluing college degrees, trendy trends, technology, science, idolizing sex, victimhood and blaming. It creates a lot of sensitivity too. Drop a comment on some traits that’s not listed. Not pursuing and believing in progressive vales will make you appear as an outcast. It’s unfortunate that traditional life is perceived as an “alternative” or an escape from reality – when in reality – it was the original way of living! Remember, in order to revolt modern progression, modernism is needed. Until next time!


Saturday, October 26, 2019

Aretha Franklin 1960's Vintage Inspired Hairstyle & Makeup Tutorial

Hello! Welcome back to another blog post featuring a historical, musical legendary, Aretha Franklin. Aretha Louise Franklin is known for hit songs such as “Respect”, “Freeway of Love” and “Natural Woman”. She was also featured in the hit movie Blues Brothers in 1980. Aretha Franklin was born in Memphis, Tennessee on March 25th, 1942 to a Baptist preacher father and gospel singer mother. With amazing musical talent in singing and piano, Aretha got her start by singing gospel in her father’s congregation.

Unfortunately, Aretha Franklin passed away on August 16th, 2018 due to pancreatic cancer and medical issues involving diabetes. Her funeral was televised and featured many other celebrities and public figures on August 31st, 2018.

She was known as the Queen of Gospel.

I always remember listening to Aretha Franklin while growing up. I especially enjoyed watching her scenes in the movie Blues Brothers and singing along to her hit songs – my favorite being “Think”.  I created this vintage inspired hairstyle in memorial.

Below are the steps I completed to create this lovely 1960’s hairstyle featuring iconic flip curls.

I observe she may have been wearing a wig in the photos I used for inspiration, so I tried to keep the style authentic as I could with my natural hair.

1. I rolled my hair up the night before in a certain pattern with the rollers.

2. After taking down the rollers I brush out the curls. I add some pomade to keep everything smooth and together.

3. I then brush the ends of the hair backwards to create a “flip”. I use section clips around the hair and let it set for 10 minutes.

4. After 10 minutes, I grab sections of hair and began to tease especially at the roots. I’m not a fan of teasing! But I did so for the sake of this hairstyle. After teasing, I smoothed the hair back down while maintaining as much volume as possible.

5. I create bumper bangs using a makeup brush. I’m not a huge fan of bumper bangs, but I did so for the video! Since I don’t have bangs I decided to create bumper bangs as an easier method of creating bangs.

6. I finish off by spritzing my hair with curl holder spray.

7. I add mascara, blush and lipstick. In the video I featured my 1960’s authentic vintage sheath dress. Click here to learn more about the 1960's authentic vintage sheath dress I wore.

And all done! It may take practice doing flip curls. I’ve done flip curls most of my life so I’ve gotten the hang of it. I notice in the picture Aretha’s hair has some curls here and there – so I left the back a little curly since I couldn’t see the back of her hair in the photos.

Check out the video below for a visual tutorial. As always, thanks for watching!


Friday, October 25, 2019

Russell Military Museum (Zion, IL) Vintage Inspired Photos & Visit Review

Hello dear readers! Welcome back to another amazing post. Today I’d like to share with you my experience of attending Russell Military Museum located in Zion, Illinois. The museum is indoor and outdoor expanding 8 acres. The indoor section features a huge warehouse-style space featuring countless military vehicles including tanks, jeeps and planes as well as vintage and antique war memorabilia items ranging from World War I and mostly World War II. I believe other memorabilia from the Cold War and Korean War may be mixed in there if I can remember. The outside features larger military vehicles including aircraft. Since it was very chilly the day I visited, I dared not to go outside to explore!


I took these photos back in November last year of 2018. I planned on doing authentic, classic pin up style photos during my visit for fun while I explore war time memories. Can you believe I took these photos by myself?! I hate being a bother to ask someone to snap photos for me, I feel I can consume more of my own time by doing it by myself. You can click on each photo to enlarge. 


I loved the experience of attending! It was amusing dabbing into actual history for an hour or two. It was fun imagining how it might have been like actually using those vintage items or vehicles in times of war. I enjoyed reading the brief statements about a particular vehicle or machine that’s posted on it. The statement posters were very helpful and educational for visitors to gain more historical information on what they’re exploring.

If you attend during the colder months such as October or November, be sure to bring something warm to wear. The inside of the warehouse can feel a little chilly. Or maybe it’s just me…I get cold easily!


Another amazing aspect about the museum is that they allow donations of personal items relating to military memorabilia. The items will be on display during the duration of when the museum is opened and can be returned at anytime. It’s an honorable way to show gratitude to a known Veteran!


Overall, this is a great museum to bring the family or for old souls to absorb into history. I’d love to attend the museum again sometime in the future. Check out more information about the museum here. Thank you for the service!

See more vintage military inspired photos via Instagram!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

How To: 1900's Victorian Edwardian Knot Updo Hairstyle Demonstration

Hello dear readers! I hope you all are having a fabulous week. In this blog post I want to share my attempt on doing a 1900's Victorian knot updo hairstyle. This hairstyle was very popular during this time period and I've always been fascinated by this "antique" style for its uniqueness and feminine charm. I’ve practiced a few times and I thought I’d share with you the basics on how to create this updo and to further practice until it’s mastered!

This is the image I used for inspiration. . .

Below are the steps I used to create this hairstyle. I also created a video to help visually.

1. I pin curled my hair up the night before using medium to large sections of hair. I used light moisturizer as I curled.

2. Before I take down the pin curls I spritz my hair with oil sheen, to give it some shine and moisture.

3. I comb out the curls and then brush out the curls using a wide tooth comb and the Miracle curl brush.

4. I create a section in the front part with a split behind the ears. I then section off other parts out of the way. I then section the front part into three more individual sections.

5. I use a makeup brush – you can use any wide object – to help roll (towards the head) the hair tightly. I tightly secure it with lots of bobby pins inside the roll. I do this for the other two remaining sections near the ears.

6. In the back I section the bottom part into three sections like the front. I repeat using the makeup brush to create the rolls – but be sure to rolls upwards this time (not under).

7. After all the rolls are completed, I brush out and twist the top section to create the “knot” look. I secure it with a hair tie and bobby pins.  I add a ribbon around it for a polished look. This is optional though.

8. I start to merge – or blend – the rolls together so they appear seamlessly rolled around the head to give it that bouffant look. I finish it off by spraying holding spray.


1. The more hair you use in the section, the higher the bouffant (rolls) will be. The more height the better!

2. Use your fingers (not a comb) to merge the bouffant (rolls) together. This may take lots of practice!

3. I don’t mind having that “messy” updo look with flyaways and strands floating about. I’m not sure why – I feel it completes the updo look!

Check out the video to learn more. Keep practicing and have fun!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

1950's Authentic Vintage Floral Housewife Style Dress Review | Village Square

Hello! Welcome back to another fabulous dress review! I have a beautiful authentic vintage dress I received from Real Vintage Swag (located in Volo, Illinois) that I’d like to share today. This is a 1950's casual dress manufactured by Village Square. This dress definitely has summertime written all over it. It also has that 50’s housewife feeling within it too. I remember wearing this dress to the fullest back in the summer. I even wore it to the 2019 Route 66 Raceway Miss Classic Pin Up Contest and made Top #5! As the autumn sets in, I must sadly retire it until the next warm spring or summer day arrives!


What drew me into picking out this dress was its very authentic, original style - almost appearing to be housewife style. It has the perfect circle skirt that can swing effortlessly and will look even classier with a petticoat underneath. I matched it with a teal belt from the store that fits it perfectly and creates that classic 50’s “hour glass” shape, with a tiny waist and flat, round bottom. 


What drew me into picking out this dress was its very authentic, original style, almost appearing to be housewife style. It has the perfect circle skirt that can swing effortlessly and will look even classier with a petticoat underneath. I matched it with a teal belt from the store that fits it perfectly and creates that classic 50’s “hour glass” shape, with a tiny waist and flattened, round bottom. It features belt loops and front functional buttons. 


I accessorize this dress with standard pearl earrings, pearl necklace and bracelet. I added matching teal-green gloves to give it a complete 50’s finer look. I love matching it with yellow heels to bring out the green, blue and violet floral pattern designed onto the dress. The background of the dress is a light blue. I’m going to need to alter this dress sometime in the future as it has some extra wiggle room. Overall, it's easy to move around in. 

I adore this dress for its modest, feminine charm! 

Full Outfit Details

Dress: Village Square

Year: 1950's authentic vintage

Heels: Chase + Chloe

Hat & Gloves: 1950's authentic

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Friday, October 11, 2019

What Are Traditional Values? The Rapid Decline of Traditional Values

Often when many people hear the phrase “traditional values” they not only freak out, but they relate it to negative misconceptions of the historical and vintage times such as gender roles, sexism, racism, intolerance, lack of freedom for women and men abusing power. Modern progression has conditioned a majority of people that traditional values are terrible and evil and should embrace progressive values to be much happier and free. Little do most people know that the old ways of thinking allowed for freedom. Wait, really? So…what are traditional values?

Traditional values refer to the practice of customs, beliefs and conservative ways of living that has been passed down for many generations. The significant attribute of traditional values is that they have been practiced and proven to work ideally over many centuries. Traditional virtues refer to the code of conduct that Americans lived by from its beginning and during its history that has made America a strong, great nation. Traditional living can vary upon nation, culture, religion and worldly views across time periods as well.

Traditional values, in a historical sense, include a strong faith in God, the Bible and prayer. Old America pursued the ethics of Judeo-Christian culture based on the Bible which assisted with civilizing and maturing individuals in society. Thus, Biblical views played a major role in traditional values. Traditional values include:

·         the total understanding of right and wrong (strong moral code)
·         love, honor and respect for family
·         building and maintaining a loving family with both parents as guidance
·         honesty in business practices
·         respect towards authority (yes sir, yes ma’am)
·         women view their role in life is to build a family and become keepers of the home
·         men engage in hard work and provide for family
·         a strong, work ethic and embrace hard labor and skills (work with hands)
·         modesty and dressing your best (this explains the such charming and pretty vintage and historical fashion styles)
·         simplicity (lack of technology, no desire of fancy luxurious life, blissful of science)
·         marriage is seen as a prerequisite and a Godly union to bear children (less wedlock cases)
·         courtship, rather than dating
·         help someone sincerely and genuinely
·         embrace love, compassion and thoughtfulness
·         grow your own food and learn basic gardening and agricultural skills
·         protect yourself when needed

And plenty more.

Traditional values allowed society to behave properly, practice good manners, contain good morals, remain honest, unselfish, generous and thoughtful of others. This is why when we view the historical and vintage times it comes off as “proper and prim”. It’s also why many of us long for that sincere, compassionate romance they experienced during the historical and vintages too. (I admit, I love browsing through those black and white vintage love photos too!)

Believing in Judeo-Christian views led to Biblical views being taught in school to ensure traditional values are instilled in everyday life. Religion being taught in school was removed sometime around the 1960’s.

So why is learning about traditional values important, especially with vintage lifestyle?

Because apparently the rapid rise of immorality and lack of family structure is causing the fabric of society to loosen and crumble. We can see how modern society is tearing apart at the seams with:

·         the lack of family structure (family values) and celebrating single parenthood
·         disrespect of authority
·         heavy drug and alcohol addiction
·         meaningless, senseless crimes such as mass school shootings
·         a strong desire for fame, attention and riches
·         unwed mothers and deadbeat fathers
·         abortion (dehumanizing babies which are a Godly gift)
·         lack of discipline in schools
·         overvaluing social movements and social causes
·         increase of sexual assault and "rape" cases
·         lack of honest education; educating “harsh” history and progressive information
·         encouragement of gender confusion and gender roles
·         push for consumerism and high living rates
·         technology and machines replacing human work, socializing and activities
·         disregard and disrespect towards religion

And plenty more.

To many people, it appears that society is progressing towards freedom and expression of one’s choice. However, modern liberal progression is a fairly new ideology since its brink of prevailing in the late 19th century (late 1800’s). Therefore, modern progression hasn’t had the chance to have been practiced, tried and passed down to the next generation alike traditional values. We can see during the course of the last century the majority of social movements failed and has transformed the current modern millennia generation into entitled, attention-seeking, out-of-control, easily offended, insecure, lack of discipline, disrespectful young individuals (not all, not all, but a majority).

The current generation perceives traditional values and conservative views as the enemy, but in fact – there’s a much higher power that’s conditioning us and deceiving us for control most likely for monetary gain and power. The higher power must convince us that traditional values must be let go in order to enjoy an exciting, free life that in reality leads more to disappointment than happiness.

People wonder why things are strange and chaotic nowadays such as dating, communication and sincere thoughtfulness. Little do they know it’s due to lack of values and morality of the traditional sense. It’s no wonder our grandparents and great-grandparents got to experience true romance and fell in love so wonderfully. Meanwhile, the current generation is depressed and drained from ghosting, meaningless dates, casual hook-ups and swiping instead of meeting folks in person.

I’m fully aware that traditional values are not for everyone. Not many people will understand the Old America; its history and what it was built for. However, if moral values aren’t restored back into America it will become further corrupted, destroyed and will cease.

It’s pretty fascinating knowing why traditional values are strongly disregarded nowadays. I will explain this in a future blog post!

America needs lots of healing. God Bless America.