Thursday, October 17, 2019

How To: 1900's Victorian Edwardian Knot Updo Hairstyle Vintage Hairstyle Demonstration

Hello dear readers! I hope you all are having a fabulous week. In this blog post I want to share my attempt on doing a 1900's Victorian knot updo hairstyle. This hairstyle was very popular during this time period and I've always been fascinated by this "antique" style for its uniqueness and feminine charm. I’ve practiced a few times and I thought I’d share with you the basics on how to create this updo and to further practice until it’s mastered!

This is the image I used for inspiration. . .

Below are the steps I used to create this hairstyle. I also created a video to help visually.

1. I pin curled my hair up the night before using medium to large sections of hair. I used light moisturizer as I curled.

2. Before I take down the pin curls I spritz my hair with oil sheen, to give it some shine and moisture.

3. I comb out the curls and then brush out the curls using a wide tooth comb and the Miracle curl brush.

4. I create a section in the front part with a split behind the ears. I then section off other parts out of the way. I then section the front part into three more individual sections.

5. I use a makeup brush – you can use any wide object – to help roll (towards the head) the hair tightly. I tightly secure it with lots of bobby pins inside the roll. I do this for the other two remaining sections near the ears.

6. In the back I section the bottom part into three sections like the front. I repeat using the makeup brush to create the rolls – but be sure to rolls upwards this time (not under).

7. After all the rolls are completed, I brush out and twist the top section to create the “knot” look. I secure it with a hair tie and bobby pins.  I add a ribbon around it for a polished look. This is optional though.

8. I start to merge – or blend – the rolls together so they appear seamlessly rolled around the head to give it that bouffant look. I finish it off by spraying holding spray.


1. The more hair you use in the section, the higher the bouffant (rolls) will be. The more height the better!

2. Use your fingers (not a comb) to merge the bouffant (rolls) together. This may take lots of practice!

3. I don’t mind having that “messy” updo look with flyaways and strands floating about. I’m not sure why – I feel it completes the updo look!

Check out the video to learn more. Keep practicing and have fun!

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