Friday, October 11, 2019

What Are Traditional Values? The Rapid Decline of Traditional Values

Often when many people hear the phrase “traditional values” they not only freak out, but they relate it to negative misconceptions of the historical and vintage times such as gender roles, sexism, racism, intolerance, lack of freedom for women and men abusing power. Modern progression has conditioned a majority of people that traditional values are terrible and evil and should embrace progressive values to be much happier and free. Little do most people know that the old ways of thinking allowed for freedom. Wait, really? So…what are traditional values?

Traditional values refer to the practice of customs, beliefs and conservative ways of living that has been passed down for many generations. The significant attribute of traditional values is that they have been practiced and proven to work ideally over many centuries. Traditional virtues refer to the code of conduct that Americans lived by from its beginning and during its history that has made America a strong, great nation. Traditional living can vary upon nation, culture, religion and worldly views across time periods as well.

Traditional values, in a historical sense, include a strong faith in God, the Bible and prayer. Old America pursued the ethics of Judeo-Christian culture based on the Bible which assisted with civilizing and maturing individuals in society. Thus, Biblical views played a major role in traditional values. Traditional values include:

·         the total understanding of right and wrong (strong moral code)
·         love, honor and respect for family
·         building and maintaining a loving family with both parents as guidance
·         honesty in business practices
·         respect towards authority (yes sir, yes ma’am)
·         women view their role in life is to build a family and become keepers of the home
·         men engage in hard work and provide for family
·         a strong, work ethic and embrace hard labor and skills (work with hands)
·         modesty and dressing your best (this explains the such charming and pretty vintage and historical fashion styles)
·         simplicity (lack of technology, no desire of fancy luxurious life, blissful of science)
·         marriage is seen as a prerequisite and a Godly union to bear children (less wedlock cases)
·         courtship, rather than dating
·         help someone sincerely and genuinely
·         embrace love, compassion and thoughtfulness
·         grow your own food and learn basic gardening and agricultural skills
·         protect yourself when needed

And plenty more.

Traditional values allowed society to behave properly, practice good manners, contain good morals, remain honest, unselfish, generous and thoughtful of others. This is why when we view the historical and vintage times it comes off as “proper and prim”. It’s also why many of us long for that sincere, compassionate romance they experienced during the historical and vintages too. (I admit, I love browsing through those black and white vintage love photos too!)

Believing in Judeo-Christian views led to Biblical views being taught in school to ensure traditional values are instilled in everyday life. Religion being taught in school was removed sometime around the 1960’s.

So why is learning about traditional values important, especially with vintage lifestyle?

Because apparently the rapid rise of immorality and lack of family structure is causing the fabric of society to loosen and crumble. We can see how modern society is tearing apart at the seams with:

·         the lack of family structure (family values) and celebrating single parenthood
·         disrespect of authority
·         heavy drug and alcohol addiction
·         meaningless, senseless crimes such as mass school shootings
·         a strong desire for fame, attention and riches
·         unwed mothers and deadbeat fathers
·         abortion (dehumanizing babies which are a Godly gift)
·         lack of discipline in schools
·         overvaluing social movements and social causes
·         increase of sexual assault and "rape" cases
·         lack of honest education; educating “harsh” history and progressive information
·         encouragement of gender confusion and gender roles
·         push for consumerism and high living rates
·         technology and machines replacing human work, socializing and activities
·         disregard and disrespect towards religion

And plenty more.

To many people, it appears that society is progressing towards freedom and expression of one’s choice. However, modern liberal progression is a fairly new ideology since its brink of prevailing in the late 19th century (late 1800’s). Therefore, modern progression hasn’t had the chance to have been practiced, tried and passed down to the next generation alike traditional values. We can see during the course of the last century the majority of social movements failed and has transformed the current modern millennia generation into entitled, attention-seeking, out-of-control, easily offended, insecure, lack of discipline, disrespectful young individuals (not all, not all, but a majority).

The current generation perceives traditional values and conservative views as the enemy, but in fact – there’s a much higher power that’s conditioning us and deceiving us for control most likely for monetary gain and power. The higher power must convince us that traditional values must be let go in order to enjoy an exciting, free life that in reality leads more to disappointment than happiness.

People wonder why things are strange and chaotic nowadays such as dating, communication and sincere thoughtfulness. Little do they know it’s due to lack of values and morality of the traditional sense. It’s no wonder our grandparents and great-grandparents got to experience true romance and fell in love so wonderfully. Meanwhile, the current generation is depressed and drained from ghosting, meaningless dates, casual hook-ups and swiping instead of meeting folks in person.

I’m fully aware that traditional values are not for everyone. Not many people will understand the Old America; its history and what it was built for. However, if moral values aren’t restored back into America it will become further corrupted, destroyed and will cease.

It’s pretty fascinating knowing why traditional values are strongly disregarded nowadays. I will explain this in a future blog post!

America needs lots of healing. God Bless America.


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