Thursday, November 07, 2019

Four Reasons to Wear an Apron (Apron Empowerment!) - Homemaking Life

Often when we think of aprons we think of chefs, cooks, science labs and restaurant servers. The apron has an extensive history in many different settings especially in the homemaking world. If you browse through vintage and historical photographs of women, you may notice how most homemakers wore an apron. It's always been traditional for a homemaker to wear an apron during her domestic chores. Besides being worn for protection of spills and debris, the apron offers significant benefits from practicality, functionality and even empowerment! Yes empowerment! Putting on an apron as a domestic goddess brings on a lively burst of energy, motivation and almost feels like you’re wearing a badge of feminine honor!

Below are four simple reasons to start wearing an apron today. I also have a video of myself demonstrating the authentic vintage aprons from my collection.

1. Aprons can be used as a reusable dish towel or hand towel. I find using paper towels and napkins to dry off hands to be wasteful.

2. The apron can be used as a basket at times. It can come in handy with carrying multiple items. It’s easier to hold the multiple items in the aprons to carry about.

3. Wearing an apron can make you feel prepared for the day. It’s almost like wearing a “uniform” in a cute, lovely way. Wearing an authentic vintage apron can make you feel nostalgic and would go nicely with vintage lifestyle folks. A modern-style apron can work the same too!

4. Aprons can create memories. Aprons were passed down from grandmothers to daughters – this is how some of us vintage enthusiast received treasured, delicate aprons. It’s like they tell a story. They were once used to dry tears, help hold a crying baby, and even open jars. It’s always wonderful to give a new or authentic vintage apron as a gift.

Be sure to check out the video for a peek of my authentic vintage aprons I purchased and received from a family member who grew up in the vintage times. Thanks for watching! Xoxo

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