Berylanne at the 2017 New Filmmakers
Los Angeles Red Carpet Premiere

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I'm a vintage soul stuck in the modern world! I'm here to share my vintage lifestyle, vintage fashion, vintage hairstyling tutorials as well as topics on history and traditional living. I also provide educational and inspirational content on traditional living including homemaking, femininity, modesty, masculinity and Biblical views. My life transformed once I renewed my mind, rejected modern thinking and starting embracing my authentic feminine and traditional self. I'm here to help you get in tune with the vintage times and the traditional world. I share blog posts each week, so go ahead and follow the blog to stay updated. Feel free to read my full background below. 

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Born and raised in a small town in Illinois, B-Anne The Bombshell (born Berylanne Veronica "Choo" Lynch) is a content creator and counselor on traditional living. She adapted the stage name "B-Anne" in high school. Her background includes theatre, filmmaking and writing. In her childhood and teenage years, she was always fascinated by vintage hairstyles and fashion. She claims that she always felt "different" and did not quite "fit in" in her childhood and high school years and felt more old-fashioned than her peers. Growing up in an old-fashioned home, access to vintage and antique furniture, stories, photographs and clothes were always a norm. Her favorite time periods are the 1940's, 1950's and 1900's Victorian period.

Early Life

Berylanne Lynch on her graduation day
at Illinois State, May 2012.
Berylanne was born and raised in Zion, Illinois. Her mother was an adult probation officer and later housewife and her father worked with a labor company. She is the youngest of four siblings. When she was a toddler, her parents nicknamed her "Choo" due to her fun of imitating trains. Berylanne graduated from Zion-Benton Township High School in 2008. While in high school, her main coursework was choir and music. She participated in the school's musicals, drama club and German club. She practiced and played piano fervently and performed in piano recitals until the age of 18. 

She enrolled at the College of Lake County from 2008 until 2009 and took general education and dance courses. While there she participated in dance and musical performances. In 2009, she transferred to Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. During her first semester she majored in German Education before switching to Earth Science Education. As she was not succeeding well academically as a science student and felt she needed to focus on a major that supplemented her skills and background. From there she felt her true passion was performing arts, theatre and show business and she made the final decision of changing her major to Theatre Management and Stage Directing.

Berylanne graduated from Illinois State three years later in May 2012 with a Bachelor's in Theatre. It was also at Illinois State where Berylanne met one of her best of friends who was an English major and later became a writer and homemaker. They began collaborating on projects after graduation. 

A year later, Berylanne enrolled in gradate school at National-Louis University in Chicago where she decided to pursue teaching screenwriting and playwriting at the community college level. She earned a Master's degree in 2015 in written communication. Despite her ability to teach screenwriting and playwriting, she instead instructs via her YouTube channel.


berylanne lynch - santa monica beach CA
Berylanne enjoying a warm day at
Santa Monica Beach, CA
In May 2013, she founded her first business, "B-Anne Productions". Berylanne began pin up modeling in 2013. She started her YouTube channel that features vintage hair styling and inspiration on history in 2013 as well.

Over the years, she worked at various theatres in Chicago, Lake County and Los Angeles as an usher and assistant director. You may even had seen her as an extra on FOX's hit T.V. show, Empire featuring Taraji P. Henson and Spike Lee's latest movie about Chicago, Chi-Raq. She also had a small appearance on FOX's pilot T.V. movie called Untitled Project in 2017. She has directed and assisted directed numerous music videos, short documentaries and short films. Some notable credits include A Flea in Her Ear (Play), A Chorus Line (musical), Out of Range (Short Film), The Underground Effect (Play) and played as an actress in a commercial titled The Uber Driver by The Onion, a Chicago-based magazine.

She has worked outside of her industry in many different opportunities. She has worked at Macy's, The Navy Exchange, Forever 21, Hooters and as a substitute teacher in her younger years.

Places Lived

Berylanne at the 2017 Miss World of Wheels
Pin Up Contest, Milwaukee, WI.
Berylanne has lived in Corpus Christi, Texas with her friend who is a writer and homemaker, as well as Los Angeles, California. After living in Los Angeles for almost five months, she decided to return back to Illinois to focus more on her traditional life. While living in Los Angeles, there were many disputes between housemates. Due to miscommunication and multiple different personalities in the shared house, there was an altercation that occurred one night in September 2017. The Los Angeles police department was called around 1:00 a.m. but did not arrive until approximately 4:00 a.m. After the altercation, she did not feel the energy of living in Los Angeles any longer. She then returned back to Illinois about a month later.


In 2016 Lynch was nominated for "Best Producer" for the Chicago Oscars. In 2017, she received the Chicago Oscars for "Best Director". She has been featured in Black Pin Ups Magazine 14th and 20th issue including a spread interview in 2017 and 2018. She has also been featured in Sex Kitten Pin Up Magazine 1st and 2nd issue in 2018.

Berylanne now lives a comfortable vintage-inspired lifestyle where she educates and inspires young women to seek traditional living and values within the modern world.

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