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I'm an old soul stuck in the modern world. I'm here to share my world of:

- Vintage hairstyling and old-age hairstyling tutorials

- Vintage fashion and old fashioned clothing styles tutorials

- Inspirational topics on traditional life

- Educational lessons about the Old World including modernity and American history

- Victorian Era, 1940's and 1950's

I'm here to help you get in tune with the vintage times and the Old World. I'd love to connect with you on this new-age thing called "the internet" so please subscribe and follow! I post videos on a Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Please be sure to visit my blog for more info.

A little bit about me. . .

I live in a small town in Illinois. I graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelors degree in theatre. I enjoy the outdoors, experiencing nature, feminine life, antiquing and sharing about old soul life.

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