Monday, January 28, 2019

Anne Frank Vintage Hairstyle Tutorial

This is a great tutorial for theatre productions and reenactment shows that feature the story of Anne Frank. May this tutorial help you learn the basics of vintage hair styling for accurate portrayal!

Who Was Anne Frank?

Annalies Marie Frank was born on June 12th 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Among the highly discussed victims of the Holocaust, Anne Frank was a writer and diarist in which she documented her and her family's hiding from German occupied Netherlands from 1942 to 1944.

Anne Frank was an outspoken, dedicated writer who wrote candidly about her personal life including her hiding with her family, sexuality, family members and dreams of becoming a writer as an adult. Her diary was published in 1947 in the Netherlands and in the early 1950's in the U.S. and Germany by her father, Otto Frank.

Anne Frank passed away around February-March 1945 at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Countless memorials including museums, stage plays and reenactment shows honor her memory and legacy.

To learn more about Anne Frank and the Holocaust, please click here to visit the official Anne Frank website.

Anne Frank Vintage Inspired Hairstyle:

I created this vintage inspired hairstyle in dedication to remembering Anne Frank. There are countless performances including theatre productions, stage plays, reenactment shows that touch on
the biography of Anne Frank. 

Properly portraying a character is an important factor in the performance industry. Vintage hair styling can take a moment of practice for those who are unfamiliar with it. In the video below, I demonstrate how to do a vintage hairstyle closely resembling Anne Frank's style. This is perfect for those who are cast as her character. I mention what is needed to create this style in the video. 

Also be aware that the style can vary due to different hair textures, length and curl type.

Thank you for watching!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

1950's Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Featuring Revlon Creme Shadow Palette

1950's Revlon ad in Vogue
Makeup in the 1950's was all about subtle glamour, style, coordinating colors and feminine touch. Unlike the previous time period of the 1940's when it was all about minimum use of makeup, the 1950's woman used makeup to her full advantage that resembled full femininity and accentuated her natural beauty.

A 1950's woman's makeup would match her clothes, gloves, handbag, shoes and even appliances! It was all about class and coordination. Makeup wasn't only used to attract a husband, but it was also used to maintain her feminine looks after marriage as well. Who says makeup is for men anyway?!

Quick Breakdown of 1950's Makeup:

Red and pink were the essential colors of the 1950's. Maintaining femininity was important in daily life. As pictured above, the face can be contoured. I added foundation for a seamless look. Eyebrows were highly arched and darkened. Eyeshadow colors consisted of pinks, blues, purples, greens, browns and gold. Eyeliner is applied to the top lash line with a "tick" or "wing" at the end. Extra coats of mascara was used for extra glamour and lash extension. False lashes were used if needed. Facial powder is used to blend in the overall tone of the face. Loose facial powder helps settles in the foundation and blush. Blush wasn't used for a rosy, girly look but instead used to contour the cheeks. Blush can be added on with light-to-medium strokes. As pictured, I blended two blushes together for a light, natural look. Red or dark red lipstick ties the look together. Don't forget to do your nails with pink, red or dark red polish!

In the video below, I demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial with more details on how to create a 1950's inspired makeup look using the Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow palette. The shade I'm using is "Not Just Nudes".

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow Palette - Not Just Nudes

I will be creating other vintage makeup tutorials including how to create the biggest makeup trend of the 1950's: the wing tip liner! Be sure to subscribe to stay informed. 

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Watermelon Fit & Flare Vintage Rockabilly Inspired Dress | R-Wish

In this blog post I bring you the Watermelon Fit & Flare Vintage Rockabilly Inspired Dress by R-Wish. 

This is the type of dress I would've loved to wear during my high school days. Being so afraid to express my vintage side, I tended to wear what was acceptable with a little twist of my own personality. I can attest this is not the way to go! If you feel dressing up vintage style, by all means do so! Never hold back based on other people's thoughts.

Anyway . . .

The look and feel of this dress is absolutely vintage and rockabilly inspired. It makes the perfect spring and summer dress and also appropriate for work, class or shopping. If styled correctly, it can even be worn on a date.

The dress features a light mesh petticoat-like underskirt beneath that gives it a flare look and feel. It isn't entirely a petticoat, but it sure works like one. The dress has no sleeves and features a see-thru patterned opening in the back. This is why it's perfect for the summer. It can be worn with a black or brown belt. The original belt is hiding, so I wear a black belt instead, as pictured. The belt helps with that fit and flare feel and look.

Now you're probably wondering why I call it "watermelon". In person, the color reminds me of watermelon - for some reason. (I won't go into details about my imagination). The dress is the perfect medium shade of pink. Not too bright, not too dark. I've always been hesitant of wearing pink dresses but with this dress I feel confident and I don't feel youthful.

Admirers become surprised when I tell them I brought this dress from Burlington department store. The brand, R-Wish, designs rockabilly and vintage inspired clothing. This dress and other styles can be found on sites such as Amazon, eBay or Poshmark. Just search the key words: R-Wish Rockabilly Dress. 

Dress this up with black or brown heels, a black or brown belt and a black or white cardigan. I love wearing it with my Steve Madden floral heels or black flats.

Dress: R-Wish
Heels: Steve Madden

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Top 5 Best Authentic & Affordable Online Pin Up & Vintage Inspired Stores

Do you love to search endlessly online for wonderful deals on vintage, vintage inspired or pin up style clothes and accessories? Do you find it difficult to discover the perfect vintage inspired or pin up style store that has the perfect reproduction and the price to match?

Search no more! I’m here to help. Over the years I’ve been searching and purchasing from many vintage inspired online stores. My favorite go-to online store is eBay and then Amazon. I tend to find what I’m looking for on eBay with only a few searches with the perfect price. You can even search your favorite vintage inspired and pin up brands via eBay. Besides eBay, I compiled a list of popular and affordable vintage inspired and pin up style online stores to check out.

I will be posting reviews about outfits and accessories that I’ve purchased from some stores listed. Be sure to follow the blog to stay updated for when these reviews are posted.

Below are the Top 5 vintage inspired online stores that you may fall in love with. There’s no particular order - they're all great. Please leave a comment on your favorite store that you recognize!

Lindy Bop has the most closest authentic vintage reproduction clothes and accessories. I adore their patterned dresses. There is also a UK (England) version of the website. I love love love that they have sales often.

2. Heartbreaker Fashion (
Formerly known as “Heartbreaker Fashion” Heart of Haute sells classic, beautiful, authentic style vintage inspired fashion. Being true to the respected decade, you’re bound to find a dress, skirt or pair of shoes that fits what you’re looking for. I just love browsing through Heart of Haute. I can’t wait to showcase the items I have from the store. Also, each item is made with love in every stitch.

Modcloth appears to have a 1960’s theme – although they have lots of other styles from other decades. The vintage inspired apparel tends to have a more modern appearance to it, so it’s perfect for those who are hesitant to wear a full vintage reproduction style and don’t want to look “too vintage”. The prices are moderate – not too pricey on selected items.

4. Le Bomb Shop (
Le Bomb Shop is a personal favorite online store I like to visit when I wanting a pin up style dress. I first discovered the site through eBay. They offer cute, affordable pin up style fashion and accessories. And when I say affordable – I mean it! Most prices are in the $30 ranges, if not lower. Despite having inexpensive prices, the quality of the clothes are excellent and long lasting.

5. Unique Vintage (
I admit Unique Vintage is more on the pricier side, but it’s a good investment if you are a vintage blogger or model. The quality is durable. The style is very authentic and true to the decade. 

I will be posting the next Top 5 vintage inspired and pin up online clothing store in the future. Be sure to follow for more!

Friday, December 21, 2018

My Polka Dot Parade Vintage Inspired Photo Shoot Details | Forever 21

Do you get excited to do a new photo shoot but feel confused and anxious? Did you know that thoroughly planning your photo shoot will lead to a successful photo shoot? Many people do not realize the importance of thoroughly planning a photo shoot, especially if it’s “on location”. Winging (or improvising) the poses and backgrounds can work, but it may waste time and you may not get the results intended. 

In this post, I discuss helpful tips to prepare for your next photo shoot as well as explain one of my favorite photo shoots where I was happy to plan out. Below is also a video I posted via my YouTube channel that explains in more depth about how to properly plan for a shoot. The tips can also work for regular (non pin up) shoots as well!

Now…more about the shoot…

I like to call this photo shoot “The Polka Dot Parade”. I just love polka dots! They add a simple feminine touch to any vintage garment. I like how polka dots changed over the vintage decades. I did this shoot back in 2015 in downtown Chicago. A photographer friend of mine helped with the shooting. This is very much a one of a kind dress from Forever 21. I was surprised it was made by F21. I sold it off on my eBay store a while ago. I figured I would pass it on to another pin up girl. I loved how it has a sweetie neck with a halter. The red belt adds a perfect classic touch among the black/white polka dots. Because of my petite frame it’s easy to pull off styles with short dresses. I didn’t have to worry about it riding up too short as it falls perfectly above the knees. I admit, the belt was a little too tight! But overall, I was very pleased with this shoot. I’m glad I had the opportunity of planning it out.

The worse feeling you could have is regretting doing something wrong in your photo shoot. As a pin up model you work hard to keep vintage glamour alive! This post will definitely help you with your next shoot. 

Full Outfit Details:
Dress = Forever 21
Shoes = M.P.S
Belt = Forever 21
Umbrella = Handmade

And now … click here for tips on planning & preparing for an upcoming shoot.

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Coco Chanel 1920's - 1930's Vintage Inspired Hairstyle

Coco Chanel: A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971) was a French fashion designer, dress maker and business woman. Most of us can recognize her life story of going from riches to rags and building a successful brand. Most women love the styles and fashion that Chanel created from the little black dress, handbags and suit sets. I admit I yearn for a Chanel handbag and dress once in a while!

As I research my vintage styles I can't help but notice Chanel's actual hairstyles and how she kept her own appearance; very chic and unique.

In the video below I demonstrate how to do a vintage inspired by the beloved boss-lady. I of course wanted to keep it authentic with a 1920's / 1930's touch.

This tutorial is perfect for doing a Coco Chanel look for Halloween or a vintage party.

Thanks for watching!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

My 1950's Vintage Hairstyle Recreation (My Favorite!)

As many people may or may not know, my favorite time period is the 1940’s and the 1950’s. I just love, love, love the classic, feminine fashion and hairstyles that the 40’s and 50’s contain. Of course other vintage time periods are classic, but being raised in an old-fashioned home that was primarily 50’s style contributed to this admiration!

I always found myself mimicking 1950’s hairstyles in high school unknowingly. This is how my love for vintage hair styling started to develop without me even knowing! It all came together and it all makes sense now. Unfortunately, my hair became short throughout junior high and high school due to damage. (My hair damages very easily). Since it was shorter the curls created a vintage-style look. I didn’t like that it was short; but yet I loved styling it girly-style with curls and hair pieces. It was a love-hate situation. Over the years, this has become one of my favorite go-to vintage hairstyles. I love to dress it up with different style side combs.

In the video below, I demonstrate how to do a basic 1950’s hairstyle that can be easily worn every day. I first did this demonstration in my early days of YouTube, and I decided to revamp (remake/update) the video to make it more current. Either way, I hope it helps! Thanks for watching!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Top 5 Glamorous Reasons to Become a Pin Up Girl

Every pin up girl has a significant story on why she became a pin up model. Many girls will tell you it gives you a boost of confidence, a new group of supportive friends and plenty of time to dress up! You are surrounded by like-minded guys and gals who love and admire the vintage time period. Who doesn’t want to play dress up?!

Below are the five glamorous reasons to become a pin up model. . .

1. It will give you fresh air of confidence: When you dress up, you feel more alive, pleasant and overall lovely. It takes a load of confidence to dress up in a style from the 1940’s or even the 1980’s…people may stare or refer to you as “old fashioned” – but with a steam of confidence you will be seen as charming, although they may not understand your love for vintage.

2. You are embracing history: It’s more than just scrolling endlessly through vintage photos of beautiful actresses and pin up models from the 1940’s and 1950’s. You are learning about the history of a specific time period – from fashion, hairstyles, culture, cars and so much more. You can get insight on how the past impacts the present.

3. You will be a positive role model: There are plenty of activities to do as a pin up model in your community. You can help raise funds for charities or participate in pageants, competitions, movies and performances. You will also inspire other women around you.

4. There is no age limit: When we think of a pin up girl, we imagine a young girl in a sexy or innocent situation appearing youthful. However; pin up modeling as no age! Or no particular ethnicity! Unlike other modeling sectors, pin up modeling can be an activity for any age to get involved. It’s sometimes best to learn vintage tips from older pin up girls too!

5. You can develop new skills: It’s always important to learn and develop new skills throughout life. Becoming a pin up model with help you with learning and developing new skills – from learning proper poses, photography, editing, social media, fashion, hairstyling, communication and confidence.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Welcome to My Blog! So...How Did I End Up Becoming a Pin Up Girl?

Hello! Thanks for Visiting My Blog! 

It's almost the end of 2018, and I'm thinking about how much is in store for 2019. As a lover and
enthusiast of all things vintage, I'm also sharing, posting and instructing about vintage culture and pin up modeling. YouTube has been my main platform for sharing my love of vintage. However, I want to expand and share more tutorials, reviews, photo shoots and life experiences in depth with you all.

Feel free to browse through the blog and discover what's available. Please be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay updated on new posts. Thanks again!

How Did I End Up Becoming a Pin Up Girl?

There are many unique, interesting passions out there. Some people's interests may be apparent; while others may be less obvious. Some passions are common among society, while others are so eccentric that it may require a deeper understanding or research.

Common passions of many people include bird-watching, swimming, cooking, basketball, photography and maybe fashion design. My passion: the time period that your grandma (possibly your great-grandma) grew up in. Vintage! From vintage fashion, classic movies and cars, oldtime Hollywood, to pin up modeling! Heck, I even adore the Victorian Times too!

I'm starting to get used to people asking me what I do for work. I guess it's the way I come off - or appear in person. With having a vintage inspired and pin up flair I can see how people are curious. I usually start talking about my other work that I do, and I squeeze in the topic about my love for vintage and pin up. I get asked how did I get into vintage since I'm "young" (and look surprisingly young) and I simply respond with "it was just my upbringing!".

The video below is my full explanation on why I became a pin up girl...