Saturday, December 1, 2018

My 1950's Vintage Hairstyle Recreation (My Favorite!)

My 1950's Vintage Hairstyle Recreation (My Favorite!)

As many people may or may not know, my favorite time period is the 1940’s and the 1950’s. I just love, love, love the classic, feminine fashion and hairstyles that the 40’s and 50’s contain. Of course other vintage time periods are classic, but being raised in an old-fashioned home that was primarily 50’s style contributed to this admiration!

I always found myself mimicking 1950’s hairstyles in high school unknowingly. This is how my love for vintage hair styling started to develop without me even knowing! It all came together and it all makes sense now. Unfortunately, my hair became short throughout junior high and high school due to damage. (My hair damages very easily). Since it was shorter the curls created a vintage-style look. I didn’t like that it was short; but yet I loved styling it girly-style with curls and hair pieces. It was a love-hate situation. Over the years, this has become one of my favorite go-to vintage hairstyles. I love to dress it up with different style side combs.

In the video below, I demonstrate how to do a basic 1950’s hairstyle that can be easily worn every day. I first did this demonstration in my early days of YouTube, and I decided to revamp (remake/update) the video to make it more current. Either way, I hope it helps! Thanks for watching!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Top 5 Glamorous Reasons to Become a Pin Up Girl

Top 5 Glamorous Reasons to Become a Pin Up Girl

Every pin up girl has a significant story on why she became a pin up model. Many girls will tell you it gives you a boost of confidence, a new group of supportive friends and plenty of time to dress up! You are surrounded by like-minded guys and gals who love and admire the vintage time period. Who doesn’t want to play dress up?!

Below are the five glamorous reasons to become a pin up model. . .

1. It will give you fresh air of confidence: When you dress up, you feel more alive, pleasant and overall lovely. It takes a load of confidence to dress up in a style from the 1940’s or even the 1980’s…people may stare or refer to you as “old fashioned” – but with a steam of confidence you will be seen as charming, although they may not understand your love for vintage.

2. You are embracing history: It’s more than just scrolling endlessly through vintage photos of beautiful actresses and pin up models from the 1940’s and 1950’s. You are learning about the history of a specific time period – from fashion, hairstyles, culture, cars and so much more. You can get insight on how the past impacts the present.

3. You will be a positive role model: There are plenty of activities to do as a pin up model in your community. You can help raise funds for charities or participate in pageants, competitions, movies and performances. You will also inspire other women around you.

4. There is no age limit: When we think of a pin up girl, we imagine a young girl in a sexy or innocent situation appearing youthful. However; pin up modeling as no age! Or no particular ethnicity! Unlike other modeling sectors, pin up modeling can be an activity for any age to get involved. It’s sometimes best to learn vintage tips from older pin up girls too!

5. You can develop new skills: It’s always important to learn and develop new skills throughout life. Becoming a pin up model with help you with learning and developing new skills – from learning proper poses, photography, editing, social media, fashion, hairstyling, communication and confidence.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Welcome to My Blog! So...How Did I End Up Becoming a Pin Up Girl?

Hello! Thanks for Visiting My Blog! 

It's almost the end of 2018, and I'm thinking about how much is in store for 2019. As a lover and
enthusiast of all things vintage, I'm also sharing, posting and instructing about vintage culture and pin up modeling. YouTube has been my main platform for sharing my love of vintage. However, I want to expand and share more tutorials, reviews, photo shoots and life experiences in depth with you all.

Feel free to browse through the blog and discover what's available. Please be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay updated on new posts. Thanks again!

How Did I End Up Becoming a Pin Up Girl?

There are many unique, interesting passions out there. Some people's interests may be apparent; while others may be less obvious. Some passions are common among society, while others are so eccentric that it may require a deeper understanding or research.

Common passions of many people include bird-watching, swimming, cooking, basketball, photography and maybe fashion design. My passion: the time period that your grandma (possibly your great-grandma) grew up in. Vintage! From vintage fashion, classic movies and cars, oldtime Hollywood, to pin up modeling! Heck, I even adore the Victorian Times too!

I'm starting to get used to people asking me what I do for work. I guess it's the way I come off - or appear in person. With having a vintage inspired and pin up flair I can see how people are curious. I usually start talking about my other work that I do, and I squeeze in the topic about my love for vintage and pin up. I get asked how did I get into vintage since I'm "young" (and look surprisingly young) and I simply respond with "it was just my upbringing!".

The video below is my full explanation on why I became a pin up girl...