Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Welcome to My Blog! So...How Did I End Up Becoming a Pin Up Girl?

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It's almost the end of 2018, and I'm thinking about how much is in store for 2019. As a lover and
enthusiast of all things vintage, I'm also sharing, posting and instructing about vintage culture and pin up modeling. YouTube has been my main platform for sharing my love of vintage. However, I want to expand and share more tutorials, reviews, photo shoots and life experiences in depth with you all.

Feel free to browse through the blog and discover what's available. Please be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay updated on new posts. Thanks again!

How Did I End Up Becoming a Pin Up Girl?

There are many unique, interesting passions out there. Some people's interests may be apparent; while others may be less obvious. Some passions are common among society, while others are so eccentric that it may require a deeper understanding or research.

Common passions of many people include bird-watching, swimming, cooking, basketball, photography and maybe fashion design. My passion: the time period that your grandma (possibly your great-grandma) grew up in. Vintage! From vintage fashion, classic movies and cars, oldtime Hollywood, to pin up modeling! Heck, I even adore the Victorian Times too!

I'm starting to get used to people asking me what I do for work. I guess it's the way I come off - or appear in person. With having a vintage inspired and pin up flair I can see how people are curious. I usually start talking about my other work that I do, and I squeeze in the topic about my love for vintage and pin up. I get asked how did I get into vintage since I'm "young" (and look surprisingly young) and I simply respond with "it was just my upbringing!".

The video below is my full explanation on why I became a pin up girl...

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