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Watermelon Fit & Flare 1950's Vintage Rockabilly Inspired Dress | R-Wish

Hello! Welcome back! In this blog post I bring you the Watermelon Fit & Flare Vintage Rockabilly Inspired Dress by R-Wish. This is the type of dress I would've loved to wear during my high school days. Being so afraid to express my vintage side, I tended to wear what was acceptable with a little twist of my own personality. I can attest this is not the way to go! If you feel dressing up vintage style, by all means do so! Never hold back based on other people's thoughts.

Anyway . . .

The look and feel of this dress is absolutely vintage and rockabilly inspired. It makes the perfect spring and summer dress and also appropriate for work, class or shopping. If styled correctly, it can even be worn on a date.

The dress features a light mesh petticoat-like underskirt beneath that gives it a flare look and feel. It isn't entirely a petticoat, but it sure works like one. The dress has no sleeves and features a see-thru patterned opening in the back. This is why it's perfect for the summer. It can be worn with a black or brown belt. The original belt is hiding, so I wear a black belt instead, as pictured. The belt helps with that fit and flare feel and look.

Now you're probably wondering why I call it "watermelon". In person, the color reminds me of watermelon - for some reason. (I won't go into details about my imagination). The dress is the perfect medium shade of pink. Not too bright, not too dark. I've always been hesitant of wearing pink dresses but with this dress I feel confident and I don't feel youthful.

Admirers become surprised when I tell them I brought this dress from Burlington department store. The brand, R-Wish, designs rockabilly and vintage inspired clothing. This dress and other styles can be found on sites such as Amazon, eBay or Poshmark. Just search the key words: R-Wish Rockabilly Dress. 

Dress this up with black or brown heels, a black or brown belt and a black or white cardigan. I love wearing it with my Steve Madden floral heels or black flats.

Dress: R-Wish
Heels: Steve Madden

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