Thursday, February 28, 2019

Miss World of Wheels 2019 Pin Up Contest - Milwaukee WI

I'm beyond excited to share the time I spent as a contestant for the Miss World of Wheels 2019 Pin Up Contest! This was my second opportunity participating in the pin up contest.  I met so many wonderful pin up girls and vintage souls. I also learned much more information on pin up contests and classic cars. I can say I had fulfilling evening that day in Milwaukee!

Miss World of Wheels Pin Up Contest

I was contestant #7. I usually like to remember the number as most contests don't allow contestants to
keep competition pins. After driving through chilly, rainy-snow I arrived safely to Milwaukee from Illinois. It wasn't too far - just an hour across the state border. The contest was held on Saturday, February 23rd 2019.

My theme for the contest was 1950's and I wore my 1950's reproduction diner dress for the first time along with my new red t-strap heels I received for my birthday. We were judged on vintage style, authenticity, vocal/speech, poses and overall stage presence.

I will be creating a video on how to prepare and participate and win in a pin up contest. Look out for this upcoming blog post. Below you will find a brief video of the show as well as a few photos from the contest. This is a brief edit of the show - which originally ran 50 minutes to an hour. Be sure to follow via Instagram and my Facebook page for more exciting videos and photos!

Photos by Paul Zeien, BubbleHead Photography & Nikki Moulesong

Show video by Kat Hollister

Offcial Photos by BubbleHead Photography:




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