Sunday, May 26, 2019

Ten (10) Beginner Vintage Hairstyling Tips for Black Women

Vintage hairstyling is a creative, feminine method for Black women to style their hair. From pin curls, victory rolls, short curly styles with natural coils and glamorous soft waves – there’s an abundance of classic hairstyles to achieve. Before engaging in vintage hairstyling it’s best to fully understand the techniques and styles in order to successfully sculpt, roll, curl, tuck and adorn your hair.

During the vintage historical times Black women kept their natural hair straightened. I discuss this topic more in the video below. This type of hairstyling would be ideal for women who like to style their hair while it’s straightened. I will be posting tutorials on creating vintage hairstyling using natural hair (non-straightened) via my YouTube channel.

Vintage hairstyling may take some time to adapt to. As I mention many times, it takes lots of practice! Below are some helpful tips for beginners looking to get started in vintage hairstyling.

In the video below I discuss 10 tips about vintage hairstyling for Black women who are new with vintage hairstyling or looking to get started with this historical endeavor. Below is also a list of accessories and tools that can help style and adorn your hair. Remember - the more feminine the better!

Hair Accessories:

Here is a list of ideas for accessories to obtain for vintage hairstyling. These items can be found at flea markets, vintage marketplaces, online such as eBay, Etsy and online vintage stores. Some items can be handmade too.

1. Hair flowers
2. Headbands
3. Side combs and barrettes
4. Scarfs (lace, silk or paisley standard)
5. Banana clips
6. Lots of bobby pins
7. Styling brushes (Denman, Miracle Curl Brush), rat tail combs
8. Bun and roll makers

Hair Tools:

Here is a list of ideas for hair tools to obtain for vintage hairstyling. These tools can be found at major stores or online.

1. Hooded dryer (or regular dryer depending on hair type)
2. Curling irons
3. Heat protection spray and curl holding spray
4. Pomade and gel
5. Sponge rollers, foam rollers, bendy rollers, pillow rollers, satin rollers or spiral rollers
6. Pin curlers, duckbill clips, wave clips
7. I think I mentioned bobby pins before
8. Hot comb or straightener. I don't recommend or suggest harsh chemicals!

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