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The History of 1940's Victory Roll Updo Hairstyle & Technique Tutorial

The victory roll is the most popular hairstyle known among vintage hair styling enthusiasts. The victory roll hairstyle is a beautiful, sculpted hairstyle that got started in the 1940's. It features small to medium size rolls of hair that is structured that gives height and frames the face. 

The History of Victory Rolls - 1940's

This hairstyle has lots of unique history behind it. The style began roughly after 1941 during World War II. It’s also rumor that women would create victory rolls in their hair when their husbands or family returned back from the war in 1945 – as a gesture of victory. Did you know the hairstyle was named after an aviation maneuver where a fighter plane would "roll" itself over in the sky. The video below has a shot of this maneuver in the beginning.

Victory Rolls - The Tutorial

Although the victory roll is the most popular vintage inspired hairstyle, many individuals find it difficult to create. This is due to not quite mastering the structuring of the rolls. Trust me, when I first learned how to do victory rolls it looked like a squashed roll! It does take time to practice rolling, and once this is achieved the hairstyle can be recreated in any variation – there isn’t any “official”  or “standard” way of doing victory rolls. Once you get the hang of it – you can get creative and make it your own style! You can make one, two, three or more victory rolls. 

I personally like to create asymmetrical victory rolls and also have loose curls in the back. 

There is a technique that goes with learning the victory roll. The technique is mostly how the hair is rolled down and how the hair is parted.

In the video below I discuss the brief history of the victory roll as well as a step-by-step tutorial on mastering the technique of creating the style. In the video I used basic victory rolls as an example - that way it is clear and understandable to follow along. 

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