Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Four (4) Ways to Reject Modernism (Progression)

When we think of rejecting modernism, we often think of technology. Technology isn’t the only entity to reject from modernism. As I mentioned in the video below, there are hundreds of things that can be rejected from modernism to make life simpler and wholesome. Perhaps I may make a list of these things in a future post.

In a previous blog post I discussed the meaning between modern and traditional. You can check out the post here. To sum it up, modernism seeks to intentionally break and destroy tradition in terms of politics, religion, art, literature, architecture, ways of living and ways of thinking. In other words, modernism introduces new innovation, new ideas, individualistic thinking, social expression and advancement of society while tradition sticks to a dominant pre-destined way of life.

Rejecting progressive modernism is not accepting what the world has to offer. Progression in society happens rapidly causing us to advance in new ways of thinking and technology at high-speed rate. This has been going on over the decades; modernism isn’t a “new thing” in the 2000’s. Traditional folks who reject modernism acknowledge if it’s in God’s Will or humanly to do so of what they’re rejecting. The modern world offers so much convenience, excitement and communication than ever before. However, what we’re embracing can be defacing. Convenience can lead to complexity. Simplicity leads to less stress.

Rejecting modernism can be tough especially for the younger generation. We’ve been ingrained to utilize technology and machinery from such an early age that dismissing it would be like losing an arm. It takes practice and patience to get used to using less of technology. The key to rejecting modernism is using less or not using at all. The less; the better. One rule of thumb to remember is that in order to fight modernism one must use modernism. It’s like fighting fire with fire.

Below is a video where I discuss four overlooked ways to reject modernism. Remember, the less the better!

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