Friday, October 25, 2019

Russell Military Museum (Zion, IL) Vintage Inspired Photos & Visit Review

Hello dear readers! Welcome back to another amazing post. Today I’d like to share with you my experience of attending Russell Military Museum located in Zion, Illinois. The museum is indoor and outdoor expanding 8 acres. The indoor section features a huge warehouse-style space featuring countless military vehicles including tanks, jeeps and planes as well as vintage and antique war memorabilia items ranging from World War I and mostly World War II. I believe other memorabilia from the Cold War and Korean War may be mixed in there if I can remember. The outside features larger military vehicles including aircraft. Since it was very chilly the day I visited, I dared not to go outside to explore!


I took these photos back in November last year of 2018. I planned on doing authentic, classic pin up style photos during my visit for fun while I explore war time memories. Can you believe I took these photos by myself?! I hate being a bother to ask someone to snap photos for me, I feel I can consume more of my own time by doing it by myself. You can click on each photo to enlarge. 


I loved the experience of attending! It was amusing dabbing into actual history for an hour or two. It was fun imagining how it might have been like actually using those vintage items or vehicles in times of war. I enjoyed reading the brief statements about a particular vehicle or machine that’s posted on it. The statement posters were very helpful and educational for visitors to gain more historical information on what they’re exploring.

If you attend during the colder months such as October or November, be sure to bring something warm to wear. The inside of the warehouse can feel a little chilly. Or maybe it’s just me…I get cold easily!


Another amazing aspect about the museum is that they allow donations of personal items relating to military memorabilia. The items will be on display during the duration of when the museum is opened and can be returned at anytime. It’s an honorable way to show gratitude to a known Veteran!


Overall, this is a great museum to bring the family or for old souls to absorb into history. I’d love to attend the museum again sometime in the future. Check out more information about the museum here. Thank you for the service!

See more vintage military inspired photos via Instagram!

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